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Sehar is one of those movies which is all the very best that is left in Indian cinema and yet somehow managed to remain unnoticed. It shows us the how an engrossing story and splendid acting make up for big names and glossy sets and foreign locales. Kabeer Kaushik has been able to deal with a sensitive and important subject in the most subtle and effective manner possible.

SSP Ajay Kumar(Arshad Warsi) is transfered to the city of Luckhnow at a time when organized crime is at an all time high. The mafia-cop nexus is bearing fruits for both the underworld as well as the corrupt police and the political figures.At the helm of this machinery stands tall Gajraj Chaudhry(A smashing Sushant Singh). Gajraj has risen in the ranks from a small timer and has come to rule the city with an iron whip and vice like grip. Ajay’s arrival however sounds a warning bell for him but the Ajay and his team have a hard time tracking the meta-morphing crime scene with the arrival of the cellular technology. Surveillance, which is  a key factor for nailing perpetrators turns into a nightmare and the Police have no option but to enlist the services of a professor Tiwari(Pankaj Kapur) to help them understand this new toy of the underworld and also help them to use it to their advantage. Ajay is ordered to form a task force to apprehend Gajraj and put an end to his rule. Prof Tiwari reluctantly agrees to be a part of the team but only as an advisor. The rest of the movie depicts the incidents as seen through the eyes of Prof Tiwari….”The rise of the righteous and the fall of the evil”…However in doing so the authorities have to pay a heavy price.

Sehar is an extremely gripping and interesting watch. Even though we have come movies of similar types before, the narrative and the screenplay here are so convincing that it is bound to keep you engrossed. Kabeer is not afraid to kill off major characters and that adds to the drama. There is a brief romantic piece between Arshad and Mahima which is beautifully executed. The romance between a battle hardened cop and a professor was bound to cause ripples and it does but in the right way. The depiction of  Arshad’s own past which fuels his present actions is wonderfully filmed. The whole movie is filmed in flashback with Pankaj Kapur narrating the story from a first person perspective giving off important details at crucial times and working as the glue between the audience and the narrative.

I don’t have appropriate  words to praise the performances.  Sehar is one of those rare movies where the antagonist outruns the protagonist. Sushant Singh’s restrained and evil depiction of Gajraj is possibly one of his best acts so far. He never for once goes over the top. His mannerism, his language and non verbal communique is tailor-made for a role like this. Having said that, I am not taking anything away from Arshad who is equal to the task. He looks solid in the action sequences and gives the feel of  a true cop all the way though. His sequences with his superiors and his mother are the high points of his performance. Naved Aslam makes a mark as the rough and tough Inspector. He is notice able even in the shadow of the towering Shushant Sing and Arshad Warsi. Suhasini Mulay and Ragendra Gupta are just apt. Mahima Chaudhury looks dreamy and surreal whenever she appears. He role is works as the much needed shade in the harsh and torrid heat of reality.

Overall, Sehar is one of the best movies of its genre and time. It makes for a worthy watch at any time. When i watched it the first time I was in the 10th standard and still enjoyed it to the hilt. Over the years I watched it again and again and every time it has impressed me even more. Its one of those movies that just grows on you with time and viewing. Highly recommended!!!



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