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Sam (Emraan Hashmi) is an ambitious man who dreams of making it big in the cut throat world of media. He lands a dream interview with a contract killer (Murli Sharma), but this very interview results in him getting fired from the channel he was working in. Distraught and angry, Sam confined in his love (Sagarika Ghatge) but as luck would have it, an opportunity knocks at his door in the form of the sultry Lisa (Neha Dhupia) who offers him a top position in a news channel owned by a charismatic business tycoon (Aditya Pancholi). Sam gropes up the offer and starts making waves in the media but a chance encounter with an old associate turns his life upside down. He realizes that the channel might not be getting its info from where it seems to be and instead the whole channel might be indulging in heinous crimes to up their TRPs and beat the competition in a race to be the first to provide the breaking news. Soon Sam’s life and his   love’s security are threatened by the very same people who had promised them of a dream life.

Rush derives its basic premise from a 1987 Jeetendra starrer, New Delhi. While New Delhi was a tout and engrossing thriller, Rush makes deviations from it and ends up becoming a half cooked biryani which will not be scooped up, this Bakhri-Id. The biggest problem with Rush lies in the fact that it feels hurried and gives you a feel that the makers never took it seriously. The plot has enough material and it had the possibilities of becoming one of the most effective thrillers of this year but an amateurish treatment leaves it hanging.

Emraan Hashmi puts in his everything to make the role worthwhile but he is let down by the screenplay. It was his performance which really elevated the movie at many points and since he is accustomed to playing “out of breath” sort of roles, he clearly looks comfortable and up to the task. Neha Dhupia in the role of a seductress doesn’t look alluring enough. A role reversal with Sagarika Ghatge would have done the movie a world of good. It’s Sagarika who looks charming in her brief screen time and makes the most impact out of the two leading ladies. Aditya Pancholi as the ruthless antagonist is passable. He keeps on repeating himself in role after role after role. Gosh!!! The man doesn’t tire…

The music is soothing especially the song “O Re Khuda” but then too many songs in the first half hams the speed of a movie which is called Rush…what an irony!!! The cinematography is beautiful but the editing is muddled. I had real difficulty in understanding the flow of events in the action scenes where the editor makes use of multiple cut scenes to show what the protagonist and the antagonists are up to. The lights in these sequences also didn’t help the cause.

Overall, Rush had the potential to become an engrossing fare but falls flat on its face. A tighter script, better direction and more believability would have made some difference. Running head-on with a movie like Chakravyuh will further destroy its chances of salvaging any grounds for itself.



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