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Ted begins humbly with a kid, John receiving a gift for Christmas which turns out to be a teddy bear.  John wishes his teddy bear to come to life so that he could be his best friend for life. Miraculously Ted the teddy comes to life and in spite of his celebrity status sticks with John for the next 27 years through thick and Thin. They are the best buddies and share everything except John’s girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis).  However John’s carefree nature and Ted’s over the top adolescence antics drive Lori to ask John to choose between her and his beloved teddy.  Ted is asked to leave the house and he finds a job for himself in the local mart but his attachment with John and John love for Ted keep landing them up in mess which ultimately makes Lori walk out of John’s life. And if matters couldn’t have been worse, Ted is kidnapped by an obsessive father who would not stop at anything to make his son happy.

Ten minutes into this movie and I was rolling over with laughter. We Indians associate teddy bears mostly with a cute, cuddly and mushy mushy feel.  It’s mostly associated with sweetness and very endearing to girls. But what happens when a teddy comes to life and grows up to be a foul mouthed, weed smoking, and highly obnoxious creature who loves screwing hookers and even counter girls at the mart he works with parsnip? The outcome is hilarious in ways you might never have thought. Ted is alive and the CGI rendering is so life like and natural that one will never feel for a sec that Ted is not for real. His dialogs with John (Mark Walberg) is natural and yet amazingly funny. The numerous reference to the idea of teddies, girls, and life as a whole is sure to make you laugh out loud.

Seth MacFarlane who is incidentally the director as well, voices Ted with aplomb. His voice is perfectly suited and his comic timing matches the wicked sense of humor of Ted. Take for instance the scene where Ted is forced to take an interview for a day job at a mart. The ensuing interview between Ted and the manager and the build up to it is in itself worth the price of admission. The sequence where Ted tries to lure a girl with his antics and the one where he brings in four hookers to his apartment which he shares with John and Lori are outstanding. These scenes can be enjoyed over and over again.

Ted is mindless comedy at its best. Wonderfully written and sharply edited, it is sure to amuse you. However the comedy here is outrageous and has sexual overtones and so may not suit the family audiences. For all those who are ok with the sexuality and insanely foul language, Ted has a lot to offer. This is a must watch!!!…



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