md4mubcdiciThaandavam has been ripped apart by critics for not making sense. The question I ask is since when did we start looking for reason from a movie which has a blind protagonist who beats his adversaries to pulp using Echolocation and is on a revenge mandate in a different country which happens to be a world apart and finds an admirer in a London beauty queen who also happens to be a Tamil. Reason is the last thing we are looking for in a movie like Thaandavam. What we should be asking for is a captivating screenplay which not only holds on to your attention but also gives the characters enough time to flex their muscles. So the big question would be whether Thaandavam is able to achieve that or not.

Thaandavam starts off in London where we see a shadowy character who we later come to know as Kenny (Vikram) throw a person outThaandavam2-P-E of the window of a skyscraper for reasons unknown. As we follow this man we see him repeat his act again and this time murders a hapless girl. As we dwell deeper into his life we find that he is a mild mannered pianist who plays in the church choir and effectively plays a common but haunting tune. At this juncture Sara (Amy Jackson) walks into his life and falls for him. Kenny is however oblivious to her feelings but a chance face off with some goons exposes his larger than life persona to Sara.

As Sara tries to find more about this man, the law enforcement authority is also hot on heels of the murderer with the help of a cab driver who happened to be on the spot of the crime twice and had actually taken the murderer to the scenes of the crime. But before the authorities can uncover the truth, Kenny confides in Sara the reason behind his killing spree and also the story of an alternate and happier life, a life which was given a meaning by Meenakshi (Anushka Shetty).

Thaandavam-P-EThaandavam is a good-looking film which has a protagonist who is probably in his best state. Vikram has been a favorite of mine for many reasons and biggest of them being that he is the epitome of Indian Manhood. He is rugged, un-kept and has an astounding physicality about him. His acting prowess further adds a sparkle to his self. In Thaandavam he gets a role which only a celebration of his persona alone. He does splendidly well and barely his performance is enough to make Thaandavam worth a watch.

Anushka Shetty is present significantly and makes her role worthwhile. Amy Jackson looks pretty and confident in the song and dance routine. Jagapathi Babu in an important role is somewhat held back. I thought he was the lone weak link in the whole casting.

The screenplay has enough to keep the viewers guessing. The romantic track between Vikram and Anushka, no matterthandavam-reveiw how much insane will find takers among the audiences. The soothing music by G.V. Prakash Kumar will captivate the viewer’s senses and it just elevates the feelings of the two lovers to a great extent. The cinematography by Nirav Shah is another huge plus. Be it the rustic locales of Southern India or the highly polished interiors of Europe, Nirav’s compositions leave nothing to be desired.

The action is subtle. Kenny has limitations and the director has done well to remember that which doesn’t make the stunts totally unbelievable and makes the viewer believe in the proceedings. Vikram’s action background and the well built physic only make the matter more convincing.

Overall, Thaandavam delivers what you expect from a movie like this. If one can ignore the many cinematic liberties which are taken over the course of action, It will prove to be a certain entertainer. Just don’t go expecting too much and you will be sweetly surprised.



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