7876579_1352265120_22288A R Murugadoss returns with another run of the mill wholesome entertainer in Thuppakki. After the somewhat lukewarm 7 Aum Arivu, a lot depended on Thuppakki to strike gold for Murugadoss and he seems to  have left no stone unturned and roped in Vijay, the hit machine and the much talked about Vidyut Jamwal(Vishnu from Force, remember!!!) for this project. The effect is already evident as Thuppakki seems to be doing well, in fact there are talks about a possible Hindi remake with Akshay Kumar as the star and Parineeti Chopra playing the female lead. Murugadoss is slated to direct it and the film is eying a 2013 release.

Thuppakki begins with Vijay’s Jagadish, who is an army office returning home to Mumbai from a long stint of duty. His parents are13MP_Thuppakki_6_j_1234416g eager to get him married and take him to see a girl Nisha straight from the station. Jagadish however refuses to marry her stating some trivial reasons. But a few more chance encounters with her and he falls head over heels in love with her. Soon Nisha too falls in love with him but things go quickly bad as Jagadish catches a terrorist by chance on a bus ride. The arrest uncovers a bigger plot to strike at the financial capital of the country. Jagadish’s real reason for travelling to Mumbai is also reveled as he is the one looking out for the Sleeper cell of the terrorists and their elusive head (Vidyut Jamwal). The rest of the story revolves around how Jagadish completes his mission and also sweeps the babe off her feet.

Thuppakki is a typical masala fare with loads of songs, over the top plot and a hero who cannot loose. While these factors sometimes add to the charm of a movie, Thuppakki has a plot which could have done better with some believability associated to it. Murugadoss did well to choose Jamwal for the part of the antagonist but he is reduced to a puny goon in front of the extreme heroics of Vijay’s Jagadish. He is not at all menacing and Jagadish is not even for once actually threatened by him. The final showdown between the two also leaves a lot to be desired. The story though has its share of surprises but never really makes you think or spin any surprises. It would have really paid for the team to get the facts and the details about the army officers right but that is also done away with. The inconsistency of language and the background dialogs also add to the woes.

Thuppakki-villainVijay is completely in his element and his charm helps the movie to a great extent. His comic timing and charisma will amuse you. However he doesn’t have the physicality to match up in the action sequence. The fact that he is never really threatened throughout the screenplay does help to portray his physicality in a better manner. Kajal Agarwal as Nisha is routine and doesn’t have much to do apart from sing and dance. The music is catchy.

The action sequences are well filmed powered by a pulsating background score. The sequence in which jagadish takes on a whole army of terrorists to save his sister in done well. Jagadish’s signature tune is sure to grab attention.

Thuppakki had the potential to be an engrossing fare but unrealistic and larger than life approach taken to the execution of the movie hampers its chances. It does have a mass appeal and will amuse you once but that’s about it. Keeping in mind the huge expectations and Murugadoss’ reputation, Thuppakki will count as a letdown.



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