silver linings playbook posterIsn’t love the greatest thing in the world??? fragile like life itself, glorious like victory, refreshing like the morning breeze, cruel like death and yet its that one thing we can’t live without. If falling in love is not an act of magic then what is??? Love is in many ways the lone silver lining for us, the dreary travelers in this, some times arduous journey called life. Silver Linings Playbook is a celebration of love and its ability to nurture even in the most extreme of situations and the most uncalled for times. David O. Russell’s adaptation of Matthew Quick’s novel is so from the heart that i find myself incapable of scrutinizing it and instead would just like to take you through it without pointing to its many shortcomings which is totally understood. A movie about love is bound to have its share of unbelievability associated with it and The Silver Lining Playbook is no exception. Why I choose to ignore these plot holes is simply because Love is inexplicable and unquantifiable. When love strikes we tend to do extraordinary things, unbelievable things and stupid things. Neither can we choose not to fall in love no matter how hard we try. Thats exactly what is the case with The Silver Lining Playbook.

Pat(Bradley Cooper) catches his wife in the shower with another man and snaps. he beats the man to almost death and ends up in a mental

Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany(Jennifer Lawrence) meet for the first time.
Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany(Jennifer Lawrence) meet for the first time.

institution. Nevertheless he is still deeply in love with his wife. he tries to find his own flaws as what might have led his wife to do what she did. He starts making an effort to win her back. Now released from the institute and living with his parents, Pat tries to close in on his wife but the rules of restraints keep him at bay. He still snaps occasionally with memories of the past haunting him. It is during this time that he meets Tiffany(Jennifer Lawrence). Tiffany has lost her husband and is looking for some solace which she finds in Pat’s company. However she has some issues of her own. Tiffany is friends with Pat’s wife and Pat realizes that he could engage her help to get closer to his wife. Tiffany agrees to help Pat in exchange for a “dance thing” that he has to do for her. Pat reluctantly agrees and the duo soon start feeling something more than barter going on between them. What follows is  a whirlwind journey through the heart of a woman and right into the one of a man.

Dance Lessons
Dance Lessons

Silver Lining Playbook works on different levels. The pain and grief of Pat is synonymous of any betrayal that men face and yet they hope of a silver lining. The eventual love story that he shares with Tiffanny more than makes up for the pains he suffered. The  director masterfully keeps the sex out of the narrative. The two don’t even share a kiss until the climax and yet their romance is sizzling hot all through. The way Tiffany looks at Pat and vise versa is sure to have hearts pounding of people. It will remind you of the moments that you might have shared with your someone special.As Pat starts reconstructing himself and is on his way wining back his wife, Tiffany’s frustration is heart wrenching. There is however something in the air which tells you that Pats not going anywhere.

Take for instance the screen where Pat arrives for dance practice. As Tiffany straps ups his boots, Pat looks on at her motionless. What a scene that is!!!. Then there is the bit where a friend turns up at practice and Pat tries to stop him from touching Tiffanny in a very subtle way, showing that he has started growing possessive about her. The episode involving the letter to his wife and Tiffany replying it forms an important part of the narrative and is very well done. The scene where Pat realizes that the one replying the letters is not his wife but Tiffany is heart warming. The climax will touch you heart in ways more than one.

The Silver Lining Playbook is as much about Pat and Tiffany as it is about their families. The bonding that Pat shares with his father and mother is beautifully filmed. It brings

Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro during the finale
Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro during the finale

out the true essence of love and makes the finale even  more worthwhile. His reconnect with his family is actually the stepping stone for him to rediscovering himself. Pat’s mom calls up Tiffany from time to time informing her of his route of travel so that she can ambush him. Goes on to show they are already in love with Tiffany and why not. The episode involving the betting on the Eagles and Giant game with the involved Parley really brings Tiffany into the household. Thats also where Pat realizes their connect like never before. The Final dance and the subsequent is paced in a way which is sure to get you anxious.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence dance their way to love and glory
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence dance their way to love and glory

Jennifer Lawrence delivers a career best performance. If having a heartbreak means getting the sort of lover as she portrays, I would like to be born with a broken heart. She is adorable and crazy. She is out of her mind but falls hopelessly in love with Pat. Her portrayal of Tiffany is larger than life and over the top but thats exactly what the character demanded. So may I dare say that she is utterly believable. There isn’t a scene in which she looks out of place. The scenes at the diner, the climax dance sequence and the final reunion are the ones which will affect you the most. Even the dance practices are effective with very little said in words and yet takes the narrative places. Robert De Niro, Anupam Kher, Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker all do their bit to the screenplay. Having said that, this is a Bradley Cooper-Jennifer Lawrence film. So the rest of the ensemble cast works more as fillers but very important fillers.

Overall,Silver Linings Playbook is a celebration of love and all that really matters in this world for in the words of Pat himself ,” The world will break your heart ten
ways to Sunday, that’s guaranteed. And can’t begin to explain that- -or the craziness inside myself and everybody else, but guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again. I think of everything everyone did for me and I feel like –a very lucky guy.” Its one of the most beautiful films to have come out this year. Do yourself a favor and watch it …!!!


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