Delhi-Safari-ReviewOh! how did I miss this one when it was playing at a theater near me. This would probably be one of the biggest regrets of 2012. Delhi Safari is in many ways one of the most well made, funny and intelligent animated movies to have come out of India in a long long time. I had practically given up on the animated movies of my country when my hopes were revived by Arjun The Warrior Prince and now in the same year we have Delhi Safari. The movie works wonderfully as an entertaining piece of art and delivers a social message too with finesse.

Yuvi(voiced by Swini Khara) has just witnessed his father, Sultan(Voice by Suniel Shetty) get shot by the men who are on the verge of

Bajrangi(center) flanked by Bharela and Marela his side kicks.
Bajrangi(center) flanked by Bharela and Marela, his side kicks.

taking away the abode of a eclectic mix of wild creatures. In their desperate hour, the animals turn to Begum(Voice by Urmila Matondkar) for guidance who decides that they should leave the place and look for refuge elsewhere. But Yuvi is hell bent on staying as he believes thats what his father would have done and is finally bale to convince his mother.Together the animals decide to reach out to the humans and make them aware of their plight. But the problem seems to be that none of them can communicate with the humans.A monkey Bajrangi(Govinda) is not into discussions and wants an all out attack on the humans but his plan is cut short by the unnecessary risks involved in the matter. So they decide to employ the unwilling services of Alex(voiced by Akshay Khanna), a parrot who has spent his life as a pet in Mumbai. Bajrangi and company kidnap Alex and then they set out for Delhi where they plan to meet ministers in the parliament and plead their case. However the way turns out to be much more tough than what hey had expected with loyalty swinging in fractions of seconds and risks lurking at every corner, the Delhi safari proves to be one hell of a ride.

Bajrangi and Alex
Bajrangi and Alex

Technically, Delhi Safari is stupendous. the characters seem real enough and strike a chord instantly. The palette is resplendent with bright colors and  hues used to depict the moods and spirits of the folks. The 3D creatures are plush and have a life like feel to them. Apart from some minor scenes, the animation is consistent all the way through. Some scenes will leave you stunned like the initial action sequence where the Sultan is shot, the scene where the company is attacked by a pack of hyenas lead by Kaila(Prem Chopra) and also the bee- attack scene. The action is well though out and executed with aplomb.The background score complements the movie scene for scene and is touching were it has to be. The characteristic of the animals and birds along with their language is mapped to the region they belong to making for both a hilarious as well as thought provoking view.

The voice talents are simply fantastic. Govinda as Bajrangi is the pick of the lot. he is refreshingly funny and is able to get

Kalia the Hyena
Kalia the Hyena

in the skin of the character. His frequent use of Bhojpuri complimented by the multiple layers of his character is bound to generate some genuine laughs. Akshay Khanna as Alex is wonderful. he shares the meatiest of lines with Govinda’s Bajrangi and has a pivotal role in the plan of things. His entry is hilarious and easily one of the funniest moments of the film. Boman Irani as the bear Baggha is suitable and so is Urmila as Begum. Swini Khara is endearing as Yuvi.

At a time when deforestation and man-animal conflict is at its worst, Delhi safari comes in as an eye opener for many. Apart from its terrific entertainment value, the film should also work and be appreciated for the great social message that it brings along. Nikhil Advani has set his heart in the right place and come up trumps this time. Delhi safari is a must watch for every cine-goer.


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  1. cartoons8 says:

    Although its message is never subtle, Delhi Safari is fun enough to earn the right to preach.


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