Wreck-It PosterRalph is a good bad guy who has been successfully smashing and clobbering his way to glory on the monumental, Niceland building. He has been around for  thirty years and the kids seem to be loving the game but there is one little problem. The name of the game is FIX IT FELIX Jr and Ralph is tired of being the bad guy and not winning a medal ever. Distraught, he decides to abandon his game and look for recognition elsewhere. His pursuit takes him to hero’s Duty where he stands a chance of wining a medal but unknowingly Ralph unleashes a serious threat which looks set to wipe out the whole arcade. Felix, on the hand seeing his game’s future bleak without Ralph, sets out to bring him back but he is not alone. Ralph encounters a series of threats in order to bring back his prized medal and the biggest of challenge of them all is a glitch called Venellope in a game known as the Sugar Rush. As Ralph gets closer and closer to Venellope, he realizes what it actually means to be a hero  and ends up fixing some matters on his own.

wreck-it-ralph-poster-16601-1920x1200Wreck-It Ralph takes a refreshing new look at a subject which has found takers in live action movies like Tron, Matrix and Tron Legacy more recently. The movie introduces us to the world of the characters of a game after they are done doing whatever it is that they do during the course of the day. It takes a humane look at the problems and emotions of the characters pressing hard to bring out how it feels to be a little character in the video game. What works wonders for the film is the sensitive way in which the subject is handled. The characters are fleshed out and with some aesthetically well done animation that doesn’t go blip for even a  second, the film comes breathtakingly to life.

wreck-it-ralph-movie-wallpaper-9The story is wonderfully set up with some great initial sequences which set up the premise. a period of thirty years and all the heart burs that it brings along with it is depicted with finesse in about fifteen minutes followed by some breathtaking action in stark keeping with the Gen-x first person shooters like Metal Gear Solid, Halo etc. And just when you though the story was headed in the same old direction it takes a stark(read sweet) turn and we land up smack in the middle of a sugary and chocolaty game which introduces Ralph to his human side and teaches him the meaning of being a true hero. The Finally is again a visceral piece of visual imagery which is done with aplomb.

The movie does have its share of light moments. The sequences between Venellope and Ralph in particular. Fleix Jr has hisWreck-It_Ralph_Movie_HD_Desktop_Wallpapers_07_medium moments but Ralph is the man of the hour. There are fewer funny moments than the usual Disney fare but I am betting no one will miss it. The seriousness of the movie has served it well to pitch forth a tender subject with elan. Credit has to be given to the director for having the courage to not take the tried and tested commercial path but stick faithfully to the material and its practical requirements.

wreck-it-ralph-movie-wallpaper-19The voice talents are impeccable. John C. Reilly as Ralph helms the affair with able support from Sarah Silverman as Venellope and Jack McBrayer as Felix.The animation leaves nothing more to be desired and the background score is just apt if not a revelation. Overall, Wreck- It Ralph merits a view for sure and if you ask me then multiple just to suck in the beauty of its form and narrative.


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