3G (2013)

311160,xcitefun-3g-movie-posteronce upon a time there was cell phone which was 3g enabled. A guy who had just landed up in Fiji to breakup with his girlfriend dropped his phone in the sea in the act of passionately making out with the same girl. He buy the the second hand 3G enabled horror laden phone and then starts receiving calls from another hottie followed by seeing the hottie die. Soon enough he starts seeing dead people in horrendously bad makeup everywhere. he even sees his girlfriend as a hissing cobra-like something. And guess what then he is possessed which gives him superhuman strength and Kohl laden eyes, pierced ears and a swanky leather jacket. Every time the phone rings, our guy turns into his alter ego and then he has to be slapped back to his senses. The girl, in the meanwhile is going all baloney with the happening and starts getting scared of his own boyfriend. They desperately look for answers and their pursuit takes them all across Fiji from night clubs tosonal-bikini-read secluded places to the much talked about beaches. Does that sound stupid to anyone?

3G is more of a comedy than horror which it originally intended to be. The first half starts throwing spooks moments after say about 20 minutes and each of the sequences is so badly constructed and enacted that chances are you will role out with laughter. The make is so badly done that that it will even give the Ramsay brother films a run for their money. So of the moments are blunt out comic. Say for the sequence where our guy lifts up a cover for food to see a head laughing down at him. The  entire audience at the theater burst out with laughter at this sequences. The sequences where our Guy starts getting possessed is equally funny.

2Post interval as the answers start to pour in, the whole takes a turn towards the occult and even some more nonsense. The whole premise turns into a caricature of different horror stories put together from Korea, Japan and even Hollywood. There is no intensity in the screenplay which might have rescued the down and out script and cheap thrills but the lead pair seem to be sleep walking through their performances. The few action sequences that are there are done nicely. Another aspect which deserves some praise is the cinematography. The beauty of Fiji is wonderfully captured by the cinematographer and with some deft editing, the effects are compounded.

Neil Nitin Mukesh after an astounding David turns in one of the worst performances of his career. Sonal Chauhan has little to3g4-jan12 do apart from smooching and getting scared which she does with elan. however in some of the dramatic sequences are limitations are exposed. Mrinalini Sharma(remember the chick from Awarapaan) makes a brief and failed appearance as one of the many unearthly bodies. Overall, 3G will easily rank as one of the worst films of the year so far. Save yourself from
this one.



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