commando-1bIt’s fairly simple to look at a movie like Commando and predict what it is going to be. However it becomes a sweet surprise when you get more than what you had expected. Anyone who had seen the trailer knew exactly what the story would be about. A hardened commando lands up smack in the middle of action with a damsel in distress vying for his help and attention. Add a dose of breathtaking action sequences (sans wire work), a super toned hero and a somewhat awkward looking villain who goes all out to have his hands on the damsel and you have the plot for Commando. Add top that a short runtime and some crisp editing and you have yourself an entertaining fare which would be a worthy watch at least.

Jaydeep Ahlawat as AK 74
Jaydeep Ahlawat as AK 74

The fact remains that Vidyut Jamwal would easily merit as the Tony Jaa of Bollywood and just as Ongbak was a vehicle for Jaa to portray his martial arts skills, Commando does the same for Vidyut. Did anyone complain about thin plot for Ongbak or lack of subtlety? So then why should we ask for the same from our own Commando? The trailer gives us the taste of exactly what is to be expected from this fare. So for all those who don’t want to see Vidyut Jamwal flexing his muscles and getting the better of 10-15 armed men, you should steer clear of this one.

However for everyone else there is plenty to cheer for. To start with, Vidyut in his third appearance on the silver screen is electric. He may be much of an actor but does best for what he captures your imagination. His action! He performs the stunts without a body double and wire and excels in every little set piece. The physicality is evident and the only little blemish is the fact that the baddies look puny in front of his awe-inspiring persona. That does bring down the effect of the action sequences.

Vidyut Jamwal and Pooja Chopra in a still
Vidyut Jamwal and Pooja Chopra in a still

Jaydeep Ahlawat as AK suits the role he essays. He has over the years appeared in some stellar roles including the role of Sardar Khan’s Father in Gangs of Wasseypur part I. Here he essays a role that just demands him to look and act sinister which he does. He is even able to tickle a few funny bones with his good comic timing. But his role is written poorly which denies him certain punches and his utter lack of physicality in the face of a marauding adversary like Vidyut is a major letdown. Pooja Chopra as the damsel in distress is just about ok. She may not be much to look at but does try her best to essay a role which demands her to be awe-struck for half a while and scared for the rest of the half.

The biggest stickler for the movie are the three songs that are literally bludgeoned in. I mean you don’t have too many films which have two songs picturised on a baddie do we? The songs really really really drag down the narrative and the pace and drives the audience nuts. These three songs should have been ideally cut.The climax too fizzles out and is unable to deliver the goods after the initial half really sets up the proceedings and raises hopes of a mouthwatering finale. Having said that, Commando, still works well and will be easy on your mind and senses. For the lovers of the genre, the movie will be a worthy one time watch.



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