jurassic-park-3d-posterI was in class 1 when I saw Jurassic Park for the first time in my brother’s company. I can never forget my own excitement at my first look at the Dinosaurs, majestically walking through the wilderness and eating almost unreachable tree branches. Before we went for the movie, I hadn’t even seen the trailer for it and so it was practically for the first time that I was laying my eyes on a species which was rendered extinct by the fury of nature, millions of years ago . My brother was knowledgeable and did his part in explaining the scientific jargons and nuances just to make his kid brother understand the mythology behind it. He made the movie appear more than a gore-fest and stuff being eaten off. I believe thats also what Spielberg and Crichton envisioned it to be and successfully did it.

So When the 3D version of the Jurassic Park was released, you can well imagine my excitement at having a crack at it. The question still111739 remained  whether a film made almost 20 years before would be able to instill the same sense of chill and thrill in the audiences who have seen visual effects make its way up leap and bounds and creature violence reaching almost a pinnacle of success and awe-inspiring heights. will it be able to makes us jump out of our seats? The answer is a resounding yes.  The story and treatment remains the same and for a great part of the movie, you will not have anything hurdled at your face. The happenings remain strictly confined to the celluloid bounds of the screen. that actually in a strange way goes on to increase the appeal and effectiveness of the whole narrative. The effectiveness of the visuals could be easily judged by the expressions of the audiences who would lean back with a prolonged “Aweeeee” every time something sinister was afoot . Every scream from the Dinos would only make them sink deeper and deeper into their seats.

941617-jurassic-park-3dThe story, treatment, colors, music and feel is not trifled with in any way. What the 3D adds to the film is a sense of being there right at the moment when it all happens and also a sense of reality.The creatures are elevated because of the exceptionally well done rendering. However in certain scenes, the cardboard expressions of the models play a sort of spoil sport. Take for instance the  scene where Dr. Grant(Sam Neil) and the three kids are atop a high tree and have an interaction with some herbivorous Dinosaurs. The dinos there look lesser than real. Having said that all the other dinos especially the T-Rex and the Velociraptors are exceptionally well done. The Rex is sure to send chills down your spine while the Velociraptors are embodiment of pure evil and brains.

There has been so much said and done about this film, that I feel puny in-front of it to say or for that matter add anything new. All that I can share would be the experience that I had watching one of my favorite movies of all time all over again and that too in sparkling 3D. The 3D has been able to successfully transcends the gap between the 2D representation of Spielberg’s vision and the 3D expectations of today’s audiences. It may not be a Avatar or a Life of Pi but it surely is one hell of a watch on its own terms. I loved it to the core and chances are you will love it too.


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  1. Preetam says:

    Everything ws perfect bt bro who was dat she frnd wth u, wth whom u hv njyd more…. 😉


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