THE CROODS(2013) [3D]


The Croods is one of those immensely likable fares that can be enjoyed by all in the age groups of 6-60 and even more. It is one of those movies where you can take your family and come out trumps. Its one of those movies which you can watch over and over again not only for its picture perfect visual but for the amount of heart that it puts into its narrative, for the amount of laughs that it generates and most importantly for the amount of entertainment that it provides. almost everything falls right in place for this per-historic visual treat which complements its visual flair with a story that is bound to win over every heart.

ea_da-da-daaaaThe Croods have been spending most of their lives tucked into their cave. They come out of it only momentarily to find their food. Eep(voiced by Emma Stone) is the dreamy eyed daughter of the family who seeks out more than what their cave and their father’s tragic stories have to offer. Her search leads her out of the cave and into the arms of a fellow named Guy(voiced by Ryan Reynolds). In Guy she discovers a mate who shares the same dreams of looking beyond the veil of mist as she does and the two quickly strike a chord. However, Grug(voiced by Nicolas Cage), the leader of the family, decides otherwise. But his decision is short lived as their cave is destroyed by a natural calamity which threatens their very existence. Soon the Croods are out in a fantastical world of the wild with no one but the Guy as their becon. What follows is whirlwind adventure of love triumph and self discovery.

Carrying on the legacy of  Dreamworks Animation, The Croods is complete in every sense of the term with breathtakingFilm Review The Croods visuals, laugh out loud humor and a whole lot of heart. The architecture and topography of early earth is refreshingly brought back to live but with some strong colors. The idea must have been to highlight they ones and it works big time. The creatures and the forests are well thought out and add not only color but panache to the setting. The Croods in themselves have a lot of character and each of the member have their own characteristic and attitude. The action sequences are well choreographed. There is a hunting scene in the beginning where the whole family involves in a  cat and mouse game with some fowl to get their day’s food. This scene alone goes on to demonstrate the painstaking attention that has been paid to the detailing and choreography.

The-Croods-2013-Movie-Image2The animation as always is wonderful. The complain however remains that it doesn’t try to raise above the standards that have been reached so far. The 3D is apt but doesn’t throw you off your seat like some of the other movies. Having said that what The Croods may lack in those departments, it makes up for in sheer heart and involvement. The voice talents are the biggest contributor to its success. Nicolas cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds take center-stage and wonderfully bring out the nuances and ferocity of the early men. The background score is just apt for the occasion and so is the editing. The editor has to be given special credits for cutting the action sequences with such gusto. The short runtime of the film also doesn’t let the action and the characters get repetitive. I felt that there was not a single dull moment throughout the runtime of the film. Thats another huge plus for a film like that.

Overall, The Croods is a wonderful family entertainer which has the potential to merit a second and even a third view for the lovers of animation. Highly recommended !!!


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