Every time we go for a movie we go in with a faith and hope to come out of it at least entertained if not enlightened. There are some movies which entertain us thoroughly. Then there are some which both entertain and enlighten us and then there are those few which make us groan to ask for our money back. Zila Ghaziabad is notch below the third category for the simple reason that it tortures us beyond recognition. I sincerely feel that a film like this doesn’t even merit a negative word of mouth. It doesn’t deserve a word of mouth for that matter but I feel forced to write this article for all those hapless souls who might unknowingly venture in its vicinity and loose some precious time of their lives. To be honest it’s not the time alone that bothers me but the faith of the moviegoer, which I believe it might permanently destroy that, bothers me the most.

Instead of going into my usual analysis of the pros and cons I would feel satisfied this time to just hammer down the bulleted cons one after the other. You may choose your own reason to steer clear of this debacle.

Zila Ghaziabad - 2013 Hindi mobile movie poster hindimobilemovie_blogspot_com 4
Satbir(Vivek Oberoi) with co-star in Zila Ghaziabad

1. Zila Gaziabad doesn’t have a story. It a collection of seemingly meaningless caricature of what one can call situations all clubbed up together in a murky broth which is as high on insanity as it is low on logic.

2. Every actor (pardon me performers) in this case seem to be sleep walking their way through the film. None of the charecters are well defined or for that matter made to feel real. They are just big names added to bring in the mullah.

3. The torrential onslaught of uncalled for songs is one of the biggest tortures for the audience. Every son is juxtaposed at the worst possible hour slowing down even the most inane of situations to further lows.

4. The action is laughable. The trailers showed some gusto but with the fleshed out sequences you can easily comprehend that all that was best in the movie ended up in the trailer and seeing the trailer and leaving the movie was the best way to deal with this disaster. Suddenly after the interval, everyone including a fat and grossly out of proportion Sanjay Dutt, start flying everywhere.

Arshad Warsi as Pratap Fauji

5. The editing cannot be given much blame as with a nonexistent story, the editor did what best could have been done. My only complaint with him was why he couldn’t chop it down further, say to about 1 hour 10 minutes instead of the mammoth 2 hour plus runtime that it stood on.

6. The performances did raise a few serious questions as to why were they doing the film. Arshad Warsi plays a gun-toting, mindless thug who is hell bent on looking tough and killing one and all for no explicable reason. Vivek Oberoi starts off by essaying a mushy mushy teacher who is more into romance and dialog than guns but effortlessly turns over a hardcore gangster skin within matter of minutes. The worst of them all though is Sanjay Dutt who essays the role of a cop who is known to be more ruthless and vile than the gangsters and yet gyrates to the tunes of “Zila Ghaziabad”. That was just Pathetic!!!

7. The music is a “pain in the ass” all the way through. Be it the background scores or the songs in itself, its crap like you have never heard before.

I thought I would put in  10 points in support of my claims but I already feel tired writing about it. I believe I have been able to put my point forward and warned you. Rest if you want to find out the reality yourself you may try and grab this one at a theater near you i.e. if it is still playing….:). The statutory declaration though still reads “Save yourself from Zila Ghaziabad”.



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