Shree-2013Rajesh Bachchani delivers a knockout punch on the face of Indian science fiction films as he muddles up time travel and teleportation into a murky slime of a story with practically no machinery involved. Add to that an insipid cast of actors who seem least interested with the proceedings on screen and you have yourself what they call as “Shree”.

The story revolves around Shree (Hussain), a hardworking fellow who has been working with a telecommunication company for a paltry salary. His luck however undergoes a sea change as his boss at the company invites him over to spend 12 hours with them for a payment of Rs 20 Lakhs. Hussain grabs the deal after the initial apprehension but soon realizes that he Shree-2013-Movie-Stillsmight have just made the biggest mistake of his life. He finds himself held guilty of multiple murders and on the run with practically no memory of what he had done until he meets up with his own self, 2 days in future time. What follows is a caricature of a script which is at best laughable.

The movie starts off briskly but as soon as we have the scientist explaining us his ridiculous theory of Time Fissure with every bit of the details seeming totally devoid of any senses, the story goes haywire. The director hopeless tries to stitch together elements of time travel and teleportation with devastating results. Just think about the possibility of a person jumping off a building and getting teleported to an alternate time in the future with absolutely no use of any machinery or gadgets. Its not that the Indian audience has any problem at being pissed on but the least that we expect is the piss to be at least called upon as rain.

Shree-2013-Movie-Wallpapers-600x364Rajesh Bachchani doesn’t even bother to call the giant shit he takes on us, hailstorm. That’s my biggest complain with this film. Why do people take us viewers to be so nonsensical and inane. This was one movie which could have been thought out properly and made into a worthwhile experience but the director’s lackluster attitude towards the craft and logic as a whole ensures that Shree goes down in history as one of the hardest kicks in the nut for the Science Fiction genre.

Stay away from this one if you want your faith in Science Fiction to remain intact. I wonder what the likes of HG WELLS, ARTHUR C CLARK and ISSAC ASIMOV might make out of “Shree”.



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