bollywood-go-goa-gone-posterLet me start by saying that I had the least expectation from this film to work out. But the constant surge of positive reviews flowing in made me think otherwise. So I finally decided to check it out once even if it was just for the sake of writing a review. Zombies have been a part of Hollywood for as long as we can think of. However Zombie-Comedy(Zom-Com) is a new upsurge with one movie standing out as a defining beacon. Shaun Of the Dead by Edgar Wright starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost clearly defined the standards for a Zom-Com. There were some more to follow it up, but Shaun of the Dead has stood its ground through the sands of time. What made me apprehensive about Go Goa Gone was the fact that Zombies never had a niche in the Indian(Bollywood) sensibility. That’s one concept which has its roots in the west and their it remains. So I was of the opinion that we would end up making another cheap and unworthy rip off. As it is clearly explained in one of the sequences, we Indians are used to Ghosts, Spirits and Black Magic but Zombies are a totally new concept for us.

This is where Go Goa Gone scores. it is a new concept for the Indian masses and the puja-gupta-in-go-goa-gonedirector duo of  Krishna D.K.Raj Nidimoru bring enough on the plate to make it work. They had to provide a reason for the outbreak which is done half way through subscequently letting the action, visuals and comedy take over. The reason was a crucial factor as it would contribute to the believability of the film. The reasons sited are enough to do that. Once the basic premise is set, the comedy, the many chases and the action takes center stage.

Luv(Vir Das) and Hardik(Kunal Khemu) are best of buddies. After Luv has a breakup, the friends decide to let it off at Goa. They employ the help of their third friend Bunny(Anand Tiwari) to reach the destination. Once in Goa, Luv quickly makes friends with Luna(Pooja Gupta) who invites him over to a rave party on a secluded island. The party is organized by a Russian Mafia boss known as Boris(Saif Ali Khan). However a mysterious drug supplied to the customers quickly turns them into blood sucking, brain dead zombies. From there on its all run run run….runnnn for your lives.

go-goa-gone-movie-poster-28The movie starts off briskly with the whirlwind comedy making you laugh out of your seats. some of the one liners are bound to make you roll over with laughter. The interactions between Kunal and Vir are a laugh riot. Watch out for the sequences where Vir undergoes a transformation and then transforms back. With their arrival in Goa, the comedy still continues. The manner in which Luv goes after Luna is hilarious to watch. With the arrival of Saif Ali Khan, the nature of the comedy changes but it still remains effective.

Its only towards the end of the second half that the proceedings starts getting a tad bit tedious. But the action quickly comes to its rescue. I felt that the movie runs a bit low on the action and gore content which is an absolute necessity for a movie of this nature. Saif Ali Khan’s character is under done. He should have been given a meatier role with some more heroism attached to his character. But unfortunately he is used just as a prop.

The performances are top notch. Vir Das, Kunal Khemu and Anand Tiwari are saif-zombiesuperb. Kunal Khemu truly makes you giggle with every antic that he is apart off. watch out for his interrogation by Saif Ali Khan to check whether he is infected or not? The sequence where he has a heart to heart talk with Luna is another funny sequence. Vir Das is restrained but proves to be the ideal foil for Kunal Khemu. Anand Tiwari is plain out funny, effortlessly!!!. Saif in a cameo blows up a lot of zombies and looks tough but that’s about it. Pooja Gupta is passable.

go-goa-gone-movie-poster-22The music and the special effects are good enough. the special effects make the creatures feel believable and that contributes to the overall success of the narrative. Even though there are no songs involved but the ones humming in the background are neither jarring nor boring. The track playing at the rave party grabbed my attention the most. the cinematography is good but could have been done better considering the tropical paradise that Goa is.

Overall, Go Goa Gone is a wonderful first attempt at a Zom-Com. It can be enjoyed at varied levels. It works both as an action flick, a comic relief and a snazzy entertainer. watch it. You wont regret it!!!….



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