FAST & FURIOUS 6(2013)

Fast-Furious-6-Poster-570x902How Fast and the Furious 6 will turn out for you will depend totally on the way you approach it. If you are looking for meaning and material chances are you will be thoroughly dissapointed by what you get. As was the case with the previous Fast and Furious  movies, Fast 6 doesntot boast of a deftly done plot and earth shatering storytelling. Anyone who has seen the preivious installments is aware of the fact that Fast and Furious is all about larger than life characters, beautiful and fast cars and equally fast babes. It is also about electric action and the heroes never loose in the end no matter how hard the situation is. ONce you are able to accept that, this movie should be just as much fun as any of the other better Fast and Furious films. Even though I felt it underperforms a tad bit in comparison to fast 5 but it sure does merit a view.

Dominic(Diesel) is cooling off with Elena(Elsa Pataky ) in a non-extradition country when Hobbs(Dwayne Johnson )fast-and-furious-6-spoiler-wrap-up comes knocking at his door. But this time he is not vying for his blood but his help. Hobbs asks for Dominic and his crew of elite thugs to come to terms with Shaw(Luke Evans), an international terrorist who has practically redefined the word “Vehicular Warfare” with his breathtaking takedowns. Clearly he seems to be gearing up for something big and Hobbs must stop him before he does the unthinkable. But the question remains, why would Dom help Hobbs in the first case and as it turns out, Shaw’s right hand man is not a man but a woman, Letty(Michelle Rodriguez ). Letty if you remember is Dom’s long lost love, thought to be dead in an undercover operation. now Dominic must team up with his once adversary, to save his last remaining object of love. But with Shaw calling the shots and Letty proving to be more faithful to Shaw than her love, things very soon go haywire.

The movie starts off with a bang and moves to the point in quick timehr_Fast___Furious_6_-Poster-Preview. With the cre assembled and a pawn in place we quickly jump into one of the best action sequences of the movie. The sequence involving “Street Racers” manned by the terrorists pitted against our gang of mortals is a treat to watch. The manner in which the action builds up before the high octane chase and the subscequent finale is awe-inspiring. But then something happens and the movie’s pace drastically slows shifting the narrative to a detective move. The crew now tries to find ways of outsmarting Shaw instead of outspeeding him and this nullifies any chances of having some more showdowns. There are a few decent action sequences but they come and go at such a speed that you barely notice them.

fast-and-furious-6-luke-evans-2-600x400The second half quickly recovers all that was lost in teh first half and with the romantic encounter between Letty and Dom out of the way, the action takes center stage. The two set pieces in the middle of the second half involving a tank ramming through an express highway and then the final gig involving a plane being pulled down by the Dominic crew is outstandingly done. No matter how stupid the proceedings may seem, the action is done with flare which really makes the viewing worthwhile. The stupidity is blant and on your face. The scene where Dom saves Letty in a way which will even make a 5-year old question the sanity of the proceeding and also the way a tank rams throug the high way with no ryme or reason may work as  spoiler for many. But ike I mentioned at the onset, we need to leave our brains at home to enjoy this movie. Once you get the stupidity out of the way, the film offers plenty of enjoyment and humor.

Luke Evans glitters as the principal baddie but he is given such a meagre role that he is unable display his prowess asmovies-fast-and-furious-6-12 much as we would have liked. Dwayne Johnson is a mountain of strength and a constant source of amusement.But I liked him more when he was the adversary. Vin Diesel does what he does best. Paul Walker is sidelined but  Tyrese Gibson  is a livewire. his comic timing is impeccable. Michele Rodrigues is apt.

Overall, Fast & Furious 6 is a good one time watch. It has everything that we loved in fast 5 plus a sensational Luke Evans. For the lovers of the franchise, it is worthy addition. For anyone who loves action, high octane chases and fast cars, Fast & Furious 6 would be the perfect watch this week.



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