the-hangover-part-iii-1aThe Hangover Part III will easily rank as one of the most disappointing ends to a trilogy especially because of the rousing start and if not befitting but still hilarious second installment that followed it up. The story here takes a nosedive and the fun element is practically missing. Sans a few great one-liners, the rest of the screenplay hams like never before and I cannot recollect a single moment which really made me stand up and take notice. The wolf pack had bigger responsibilities this time around for the simple reason that this was going to be the finale but some sloppy writing and bad direction coupled with no novelty makes this film a nothing really.

THE-HANGOVER-PART-III3To start with, there is no hangover this time. The Wolf pack is out to take Alan to an institution to get him corrected after his father’s demise. On the way they are brutally interrupted by a guy called Marshall and his side kick, the black Doug from the first installment. Marshall kidnaps Doug once gain and in return for his release asks the Wolf Pack to trace out Chow, who he says has vanished with a sizeable amount of money which belonged to none other but Marshall himself. Desperate and Hapless, Alan, Phil and Stue go out looking for Chow. What they didn’t realize was that finding Chow was only half of their problem. The Wolf pack is soon made accessory to a robbery and they find themselves on the run from the law as well as the vice like grip of Marshall who by the way still has Doug. The story culminates back at Las Vegas and nowhere else but the Caesar’s Palace.

The Hangover Part III is a perfect example of a film which tries to build up on the previous installments with nothing new to offer. The-Hangover-Part-III-20131If the first two films were out of the equations, this one would not even merit a view. The story gets increasingly boring as it progresses and with no gags coming our way, the screenplay gets tedious pretty quickly. The honest performances by the cast is not good enough to save this ship from sinking without a trace. Some charecters are a delight only when they are given bits and pieces roles. The charecters of Alana nd Mr. Chow are the perfect examples of thsi fact. While Chow and Alan tickled our funny bones effortlessly in the first two installments, which by the way might have prompted the director to meat up their roles but the idea backfires. The duo findthemselves clueless in their longer avatars. Their comedy seems forced and flat out boring at many junctures. Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong should sue Todd Philips for turning the characters that they might have lived on for years so terribly against their mojo. Ken Jeong’s Mr. Chow is transformed into a psychotic wreck who has the ability to do almost anything and get away with it. What he cannot do here is make us laugh.

new-red-band-trailer-for-the-hangover-part-3-watch-now-134967-a-1368772405Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms try their hand at soem situational comedy and their timing is impeccable as always but they are seriously done in by some lacklustre writing. John Goodman as the man Marshall is funny to start with but gets repetative and boring soon enough. They tried to bring in some meat from the first installment as Heather Graham(remember Jade from the first installment) to spice up the proceedings and even Carlos(all grown up now) has a communion with the man who christened him on the elevator. But that hardly brings back the laughs. The scene between Aln and his wife to be at a store is more on teh gross than it is on the fun side. Even the soundtrack lacks the gusto of the first two installments. Technically speaking, teh editing and the cinematogrpahy has flair but a boring story and complete lack of fun takes away the shine from the technical pluses.

Overall, The Hangover Part II will rank as one of teh biggest let downs of the year so far. Probably my high expectations sounded the death nail even harder. Avoid this one if you want to keep the good memories assosiated with the first two movies intact.



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