PACIFIC RIM(2013) [3D]

245941id1b_PacRim_1sided_120x180_2p_400.inddWe have been served up a sizable doses of alien flicks in which the audience has been asked to look up to the stars for the adversaries but Pacific Rim starts off with an introduction which throws us off balance when it so bluntly tells us that the threats we are about to see our heroes face come from deep within the ocean. The story starts off smack in the middle of action without wasting any time on dwelling upon the genesis of the aliens known here as Kaiju. The audience is given just enough info about the aliens to make them understand the magnitude of the threat. The same approach is taken for the Jaeger (the giant robots piloted by two drivers).

With the basic premise set, the picture moves into the action mode with the bot in question known as Gypsy Danger and driven by two brothers, Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) and Yancy (Diego Klattenhoff) setting off to face a Kaiju amidst a hurricane. After an epic battle the Kaiju is subdued but not destroyed and by chance, the monster has the better of the Jaeger. Yancy is brutally murdered and Raleigh is still patched to his brain when that happens making him feel every bit of his brother’s pain, suffering and fear.

Crushed by his loss, Raleigh leaves the Jaeger program and starts working on the construction site of the great wall which is being built to fend off the Kaiju. 5 Years passpacific-rim-poster-image and the Kaiju start getting bigger and better and start flooring the Jaegers. As a result, the Jaeger program comes under the scanner and is decided by the government to scrap it. Marshall Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) is given a period of 8 months to assemble all the remaining Jaeger and make a final effort to close the gateway which brings the Kaiju to our world. Stacker searches out Raleigh and offers him a chance at retribution. He is teamed up with Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) a trainee who has been brought up by Stacker and shares a unique bond with Raleigh. After the initial hiccups, the duo quickly turns into unlikely heroes as they bring about a seemingly obsolete analog bot, Gypsy Danger, back in action. With the new Kaijus having the ability to disable digital bots, Gypsy Danger’s analog build makes her the lone Jaeger that can withstand the furious Kaiju onslaught.

Pacific Rim 3Guillermo Del Toro has been able to create a movie which tugs at your heart. The biggest victory of the film is that the monsters and the Jaeger never get better of the humans. The human characters are extremely strong and each with their own shades makes up quite a palate. It is interesting to see that each of the Jaegers displays a set of characteristics of the two pilots. Apart from their moves, if one looks closely, one can almost smell the attitude of the pilots on the bots. There is even a Jaeger which is driven by 3 pilots. The first half, after the initial battle, builds up nice and slow with the reintroduction of Gypsy Danger and the two pilots. We are taken for a ride into the hearts and minds of the men who are entrusted with a seemingly impossible task. As the crew prepare for a final assault, two other doctors, Dr. Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day) and Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) are involved in a personal mission to trace more about the monsters and their modus operandi. This track adds some exhilarating moments as it keeps criss crossing with the basic premise of the film increasing the thrills from time to time.

Having said that, we still cannot ignore the fact that, Pacific Rim is after all a summer blockbuster and has to have some mind blowing action sequences to keep us satisfied.exclusive-enormous-pacific-rim-poster-133938-a-1367572620-470-75 The action is huge and yet so well choreographed that the viewers are not going to miss anything. Each Jaeger outing is bound to be greeted with thunderous roar primarily because of the amount of heroism associated with it. The background score again is pulsating and gives every blow a much needed NOS thrust. Gypsy Danger even has a dedicated signature Pacific-Rim-new-poster-Charlie-Hunnamtune associated with it. The visual effects are enormous and leave nothing more to be desired. Each of the Monsters are meticulously rendered making them fearsome adversaries. The Jaegers are left a little vulnerable just to up the humane quotient which I felt worked wonders.

Each of the characters are wonderfully essayed by the principal cast. The most notice able though would be Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Hunnam. Elba gets a role which suits his attitude and physicality to the t. Kikuchi looks the part and with a horrific past to look back on appears vulnerable and threatened. she is able to bring about the conflicts of the character and make the audience give a damn about her. Hunman transforms from a cocky and self-sure pilot to an emotional wreck and then again grows in confidence in Mako’s company to do what he was destined to do. Again the actor successfully brings out the plethora of emotions with ease.

Overall, Pacific Rim looks stunning and that his not only because of its visuals but also because of the amount of heart that its screenplay has. The enormous action sequences, the great performence and the edge of the seat thrills are just some of the reasons to catch this blockbuster. I believe the fans of Godzilla, Transformers and even Ironman will be able to find 10 more reasons to like it. I am going to watch it again.

Rating : 3.5/5 (3.5 out of 5 Stars)


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