Ghanchakkar-Movie-First-Look-Poster1After the stirring Aamir and the eye opening No One Killed Jessica, Raj Kumar Gupta tries his hand at comedy this time and unfortunately messes it all up. Gupta had a great plot to play with but amateurish dealing of the subject, a stretched screenplay and lack of gags make Ghanchakkar a tedious watch. The film starts off well with Emran Hashmi’s Sanju being recruited by two thugs Pandit(Rajesh Sharma) and Idris(Namit Das). The plot is to loot a bank for which each will get a share of 10 crores each. everything goes according to plan and the trio split up deciding to share the loot after 3 months when the cops are no longer hot on their heels. After 3 months when Pandit calls Sanju for the money, the unthinkable happens and Sanju refuses to recognize him and Idris. Not only that, he refuses to have any knowledge of the money or its whereabouts. Is Sanju lying or has is actually forgotten everything? What will happen next? Will the trio get back the money? these questions form the crux of the narrative.

After the initial interesting start, the story gets muddled up trying to be a comedy ghanchakkar-movie-poster-13and a thriller at the same point of time. The interest in the narrative remains but the occurrences are so far stretched that the viewer starts to loose interest in the story. With each passing scene, Emran’s memory starts disintegrates further and further until a time comes when he no longer recognizes hi own wife, the feisty Neetu(Vidya Balan). The climax provided nothing novel and in fact turns out to be an anti-climax. Sans a few standalone comic situations, the comedy fizzles out like a deflated tyre.

ghanchakkar-movie-poster-28Having said that, Ghanchakkar still boasts of a stellar performance from Emran Hashmi. His Sanju is totally believable and funny at certain junctures. The confusion, the angst and the helplessness of the character at his inability to remember anything is brought out with utmost sincerity and finesse by Hashmi. Vidya Balan in a role which didn’t demand anything out of the world from her, is just passable. After a while her over the top tone  and on your face performance starts getting irritating. I don’t think it has got anything to do with her, instead the character is written to be that way. Rajesh Sharma like always is likeable. He and Namit Das bring out some of the films only laughs at different points simply with their on screen chemistry and great comic timing.

Another plus for the movie is its imaginative background score. The cinematography and editing are apt. With some more thought going into the screenplay, the film might have just turned out to be much better than what it ends up with. Overall, Ghanchakkar falls short being a entertainer. It starts off well but looses its appeal somewhere in the middle. Considering the man behind the show and his body of work, Ghanchakkar is a huge disappointment.



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