With the changing face of Indian cinema, nothing has come out of the closet more than ‘sexuality’ and not necessarily in a good way. There have been numerous films which used sexuality as bait to drive in the audience and unfortunately some of them have succeeded. Instead of treating sexuality as a force (which it is), these films retorted to using the same as a taboo unleashed on a population seemingly bereft of it. Nasha, for once changes that routine and presents sexuality in a more realistic and yet aesthetic way there by catapulting the film into a likeable love story.

Sahil(Shivam) is a fifteen year old with a lovely girlfriend, a more than great family and loads of testosterone charged friends. He is preparing for his exams when Anita Poonam Pandey Nasha Movie Hot Stils (2)(Poonam Pandey) literally jogs into his life. One look and Sahil is floored. He imagines her in his rollicking dreams and gleefully wacks off. The fact that Anita is his teacher in school only makes her the more desirable as she is elusive. But soon Anita’s boyfriend walks into their lives and Sahil is sidelined. He tries his best to make his presence but finds it difficult to break through Anita’s passionate love for her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s cunningness. However an incident changes everything and brings the two close to each other. What will happen next? Will Anita fall for Sahil or will he be sidelined again? These questions drive the narrative of Nasha.

Nasha builds up nice and slow. The brooding love story is given time to get the audiences hooked. The sequences 1370838115_waleading up to the interval range from dream sequences to the initial rejections and even a few unwanted songs, but post interval, the story takes off. With the Anita and Sahil coming close to each other, the fireworks start flowing (I didn’t mean flying). The initial meeting of the two and the way Sahil envisions Anita makes for a mouthwatering watch. But after that the film hits a road block where narrative starts dragging. You feel as though you have been conned in again for a below par film. Post interval, the story takes off and the finale will leave many totally satisfied.

maxresdefaultShivam is superb as the teenager who has fallen head over heels for a mature woman. His exuberance and life like expressions will leave no room for any complaints. It’s interesting to see that the film banks more on his performance to get the audiences involved than Poonam Pandey’s moves. Having said that, Poonam still does have a lot to do. She balances the film on her shapely waistlines and acts too for that matter. Her sexuality is rollicking and on your face which is extremely difficult to ignore. Her steamy scenes with Shivam will make many hearts beat fast. There is enough skin show and sexual encounters to keep the audiences happy including a suggestive full frontal nudity which is done in a very subtle yet convincing manner. On the acting front, she has a long way to go. Rest of the cast fills in well too.

Sans the “Goti” song which protrudes out like an overgrown finger, the music is melodious and an apt foil for the romantic and sexually charged moments. “Tera Nasha” is thenasha11 pick of the songs. The cinematography and editing is effective all the way through though I felt that the editing of some of the sequences could have been done better. The lush green locales are also not exploited to their fullest. Having said that, most of the film does unfold indoors so that’s one blemish that we can accept. The film is short and snappy leaving very little room for boredom to set in. And with Poonam shedding off her clothes every now and then and giving those sultry looks, the time just flies by.

Overall, Nasha gives you more than what it had promised. Wrapped in the veil of a sexual fantasy, Amit Saxena gives us a somewhat touching love story which is both satisfying and entertaining to look at. There is something for everyone and that’s what makes this film even more appealing. It gives you the guilty pleasure you are looking for but in a subtle and aesthetic manner making it even more effective.



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