2013 has been a good year for horror movies with some fantastic gems making forray into the the theaters. Films like Dark Skies, Mama and even Ek Thi Dayaan but none as good as The Conjuring so far. The Conjuring combines the old world charm of the 70s with some genuinely scary moments and wonderful performences  making it a stunning watch which is just as much scary as it is entertaining. As teh audience dwells deeper and deeper into the world of the hapless Perron family, they cannot help but feel an uncanny sense of anxiety which come only when we as audience start relating with the characters. the bond which is established between the audience and the Perron family helps make the movie what it is.

The Perron family buy a new house in the fish county and the family moves into their new abode only to be greeted witht he presensebox-office-beat-the-conjuring of an evil never heard of before. As the family starts experiencing strange occurences all around their house, they call in the Warrens to help them get rid of the demoniac presense. Lorraine Warren(Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren(Patrick Wilson) have been expelling evil for a living. Inspite of their best intentions to help as many as they can, the Warrens have over the years had to face their own demons making them and their daughter vulnerable to the evil that lurks intheri own home. For soem strange reason, the Warrens keep momentos from their undertakings in a secluded room in their house. The assimalation of all the evil objects coupled with an incident that happened to Lorraine makes Ed weary of undertaking the Perron case. Lorraine however pursues Ed to take up the case. As the Warrens dig deeper into the troubled Perron household, they soon realise that their fate is in some strange way connected with the destiny of the Perron family.

imageThe amount of involvement that the film is able to extract from the audiences makes it even more effective. The horror is very real and the terror is unleashed when you least expect it to. The horror package is bound to strike a chord with everyone in the audience. The film,s setting is yet another plus which is as much in keeping with the time frame that the story unfolds as it is with the unsettling mood of teh narrative. The story whichis stated to be taken from real life has its charm and the obvious twists and turns but it is the culmination which works as the icing on the cake.

There are some sequences in the film which are noteworthy especially because of their artistry. Artistry is not a word that we Screen-Shot-2013-06-26-at-17_29_40throw around too often for horror movies but thats exactly what The Conjuring is. The sequence where the Perrons play Hide and seek culminating with the Carolyn realisisng that she was not playing with her daugter after all. The sequence where Carolyn get s caught in the basement and at the same time her daughters are also intruded upon and the well streatched out climax are some of the most wonderfully nad imaginatively filmed sequences in recent horror films. Its difficult these days to dish out stuff that hasnt been seen before but The Conjuring is successful in achieving that feat.

the_conjuring_posterAll the performences are top notch but child artists have to be given special credits for their natural rendering of a sense of unknown fear. Hayley McFarland, Joey King, Mackenzie Foy, Kyla Deaver and Sterling Jerins all excel in their cameos. Leading from teh front, Patrick Wilson plays the calm and composed yet troubled Ed who is forced to let his wife and the love of his life be in harm’s way with vitality. Vera Farmiga is potent as lady with a special gift and more importantly a mother who is trying to help others with a predicament that she soon finds herself in. Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron is picture perfect. Towards the end when she is possesed, her performence is bound to send chill down your spine. Ron Livingston as the helpless Roger Perron is apt.

Overall, The Conjuring is the most scary and entertaining horror film of the year so far. But it has to be enjoyed ina theater to get the most fun. Horror is a genre which can survive only on imaginativey storytelling and fear. The Conjuring can boast of both. But do watch it on the big screen. A must watch!!!.



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