KICK-ASS 2(2013)

3186474-kick-ass-2-posterThere has been a foray of some excruciatingly negative reviews for Kick-Ass 2, contrary to its predecessor which was lapped up even with its flaws. Kick-Ass 2 is however coming under some serious flak from varied sources. Before I sat for this movie, I had already seen its trailer and felt excited about it. I mean can you imagine a villain who calls himself “The Motherfucker”!!! I mean what’s more outrageous than this. However the constant bad word of mouth from critics and viewers alike did a fair bit of expectation management for me. This went well with the film as now i wasn’t expecting much and honestly speaking, i was entertained enough not to have too much of a complaint about it. Kick Ass 2 may not be a serious kick in the nuts like its predecessor but it sure as hell is entertaining.

The film starts a few years after the events of the first film Dave/Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is trying to settle down into a more normal life KickAss2SDCCattending his classes and hanging up his dress. He is not alone trying to shy away from the superhero persona as after the death of Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), Mindy/Hit girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) is also trying her best to shy away from her superhero self. However as the two find out, shying away from ones actual calling isn’t all that easy and the two start hanging around more often practicing but still not playing vigilante. Kick-Ass tries his best to get Mindy to team up with him but she refuses him and he then starts looking for other alternatives. As luck would have it, he finds himself a whole gang of civilian vigilantes led by the colorful colonel Star and Stripes (Jim Carrey). They start taking down baddies but in another front a sinister evil is born when Chris D’Amico(Christopher Mintz-Plasse) the kickass2reviewsurviving son of the mob boss Kick Ass bazooka’d to his death embraces his true self and turn into the “The Motherfucker”(chuckles, chuckles). he assembles his own team of mercenaries giving each a super villain identity and goes on rampage looking for Kick-Ass and team. Will The Motherfucker win or will Kick-Ass silence him. Will Mindy finally join him? These are just some of the questions which drive the narrative of Kick-Ass 2.

No matter how unforgiving the critics might have been to this fill, the fact remains that Kick Ass 2is breezy and if one is ready to look beyond the cliché plot and the happenings which you are bound to, the film entertains. Each of the characters start off from where they had left off in the first installment and pick up the mantle by the time we reach the finale. The film entertains without making too much of a fuss about the plot or the narrative. The action sequences are clumsily done as was new-kick-ass-2-featurette-teases-hit-girl-vs-mother-russia-watch-now-142530-a-1376375797-470-75the case with the first installment but then that is the need of the hour. The baddies this time have the addition of a character called Mother Russia (Olga Kurkulina) who is this unbelievable and almost infallible giantess who is rumored to have eaten a cell mate of her whom she was imprisoned with. Her addition to the villains just upped the ante and made the action sequences a tad bit more enjoyable. The sequence where she single handedly destroys a police force makes for a decent watch.

kickass2 - gravitypollThe Motherfucker is played with utter conviction by Christopher Mintz-Plasse making the villain just as funny as i had expected. There is a scene where he tries to rape a girl and is unable to get a hard-on and then decides to beat her up instead. That will easily rank as one of the funniest scenes of the film. Many would sight this as cheap humor but then that’s what Kick-Ass was all about. Then why should we complain now. The character of Mindy aka Hit Girl is given lesser screen time this some around but she really illuminates the screen with her beauty every time she appears.  Jim Carrey in a brief role is extremely likeable. Aaron Taylor-Johnson carries forward from where he had left off and thankfully carries forward in the right direction. Donald Faison brings about a few laughs as well.

Over all Kick Ass 2 may not be as entertaining and enjoyable as its predecessor but it is definitely better then what most of the critics will tell you. It certainly deserves a watch at least and for some comic book fanatics like me a second and a third watch is also not too bad an idea.


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