R.I.P.D(2013) [3D]


Nick (Ryan Reynolds) is a Boston police officer who is shot by his own partner Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon) to cover-up some wrong doings. As Nick ascends towards his final judgment he is intercepted half way through by the REST IN PEACE DEPARTMENT. The RIPD houses a large number of slain cops to keep a check on the souls who are unable to cross over and may run riot on the face of the earth. Nick is teamed up with a wild west Marshal Roy (Jeff Bridges), who would stop at nothing to make his presence felt in Nick’s life. The two start working together with Nick trying to reach out to his wife and also trying to find out why exactly his partner and friend shot him. Hayes on the other hands has his own set of secrets and sinister plans which are revealed only at the very end.

For the second time this week I had to disagree with a huge number of critics when I actually like R.I.P.D. There seems to be an exemplary outrage for this film which has been 130716_MOV_RIPDJeffBridges_jpg_CROP_rectangle3-largetouted as the worst comic book adaptation since Jonah Hex. I watched this film with minimum most expectations and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. Even though there is hardly any novelty in the script or any visible cinematic brilliance it does exactly what a film like this is supposed to, “entertain”. The characters don’t take themselves seriously and so does the film. What one can see from the actors is that they seem to enjoying what they are doing and that goes on to positively affect films narrative. R.I.P.D is a lot of fun. There are couple of interesting action sequences along with one chase sequence where a dead man is chased across the city by two undead cops with some hilarious outcomes.

ripd-jameshong-grandpachen-marisamiller-600The film had to look pretty to keep the audiences hooked and it succeeds in doing so. The story has just enough material to keep you awake and a few decent twists and turns towards the end just makes the narrative a tad bit more appealing. When I say that, what I mean that it is entreating in a masala-chat sort of a way which has nothing to do with cinematic beauty or sense. It’s pure guilty pleasure. For people looking for sensible cinema with meaning in plot and nuances, R.I.P.D is not recommended. However if you are having a heavy head an d want o to see some decent action sequences with just enough happening to take your mind away from the repetitive daily chores, R.I.P.D might just be the one. The visual effects and the 3D though leave a bit to be desired. Especially the visual effects look patchy in some of the sequences. Some of the rendering of the undead characters look amateurish and “not real” going by the high Hollywood standards.

Ryan Reynolds looks confused from start till the climax. That is said in a good way as his character had to look confused and ripd-440x312he really was. Jeff Bridges talks from start to finish without letting Reynolds have a breather. He annoys him to the extent that Reynolds’s Nick throws him smack in front of a bus. Hope you get the picture. But Bridges is apt in a role which does suit him to an extent. Kevin Bacon tries to play an ultra cool baddy but is just not scary enough. He isn’t the foe to match up with the duo of Roy and Nick.

Overall, R.I.P.D might have bombed terribly at the box office with just about 10% of its estimated budget coming in returns after the first weekend but it did entertain me. The reason behind that might have been my low expectation and the fact that the the film was not as ghoulishly bad as many of the critics are portraying it as. It is a few notches better than some of the biggies of this year. No doubt it falls short of what could be called meaningful and good cinema but it sure does entertain for most of the part.


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