Riteish-Deshmukh-Aftab-Shivdasani-and-Vivek-Oberoi-in-Grand-Masti-Movie-PosterIf the promos were not enough for you to understand what Grand Masti was all about, let me sum it up for you in five words, a somewhat funny sleaze feast. The story is almost a repetition of what Masti was. However the situations and the number of hotties have swelled three times this time around. The trio of Meet, Prem and Amar are the same sex starved 30 year olds. Six years out of college they are dealing with diverse reasons leading to their common lack of sexual activity in their respected conjugal lives. While one has to deal with a more than proactive family worker wife, the other has to deal with a wife who also happens to be his boss while the third is dealing with parenthood.

It’s only a matter of time before the three decide to do something about the awful lack of sex and head out for a college reunion hoping to get laid. As luck would have it they instantly hook up with three mouthwatering hotties. As the trio are about to deep their beaks in the fountain of the ladies’ scintilatting womanhood, their privacy is brutally intruded upon by a man from their past. A man who is intimately connected to three ladies that our trio planned to sleep with. What happens next forms the story of Grand Masti.

Grand Masti is repetition of the same brand of humor that is synonymous with films like Kya Kool 17662Hai Hum, Kya Super Kool Hai Hum, Masti and innumerable others. The only difference that it brings to the table is the unbelievable rawness and audacity that the humor in itself possesses. The very first scene sets the mood for the rest of the film when A for Apple, B for Ball and C for Cat is redefined with some outrageous visuals and sexually charged facial expressions. Every scene and every dialog apart from a scanty few is wet with double meaning and sexual innuendoes. Even the names suggest over the top sexual overtones with the three babes being named as “Rose”, “Mary” and “Marlow” (remember Bobby Marlow and Rosemary Marlow from KSKHH?).

grand-masti-hot-images-4It’s not just the comedy but the visuals too which are dripping wet with sexuality. The ladies are dressed up in bare minimum clothing and they even shed those with no rhyme of reason to save their catches. The women are shown in terrible light as nothing more but objects of desire and coupling. It’s a tragedy but one has to agree that for some men that’s exactly what women have become. With the tag of comedy lurking on its title, the director gets almost endless control to show whatever he wants to show in the name of humor and sensuality. The problem though remains that if Grand Masti does succeed it will inspire a flurry of successors which will try to undo it and that will be the tragedy brought about by this comedy. Saving myself and the readers the obvious social commentary which I find inclined to bring out, a film like Grand Masti and its brand of crass and unapologetically crude and dirty humor is not in the best interest of the society leave alone the respectable women of India.

Ritesh Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani do exactly what they did in the first part. Aftab is spontaneous in what he does and grand-masti11his over the top expressions serve him well. Ritesh in his trademark laid back humor is effective while Vivek, who  incidentally gets the most voluptuous of the babes, is somewhat subdued. Out of Bruna Abdullah, Kainaat Arora and Sonalee  Kulkarni, Kainaat is the most visible owing not to her acting skills but her massive bosom which 425306-grand-mastishe so gleefully flaunts. She is also  the most scantily dressed and because of the fact that she is more massy than the other two who are toned out models, her appearance is the most noticed and greeted with massive catcalls and whistles. Bruna is apt and so is Sonalee but  Kainaat clearly beats them. The three wives are just there for the taking. Pradeep Singh Rawat as the principal baddie suits the role.

Overall, Grand Masti is exactly what we expect it to be and much more. It is one of the raunchiest, sleaziest and most vulgar films to have come out in a long long time. For the lovers of the genre it will be sheer wish fulfilllment as for the others it is bound to raise a few eyebrows and may be something more…!



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