After the rather lukewarm Thor, the second installment comes real close to being perfect. It has its limitations but it does well to conceal them under a beautifully constructed visual treat loaded with eye-pleasing action. I use the term eye-pleasing because most of the action is beautiful to look at and with very little visible brutality. There are even tinz of comedy thrown in between to make the mush necessary connect with the audience. The scene where Thor takes a train to Greenwich is a perfect example of that. Some major characters are killed but they never hurt your feeling only elevate the reasons for further action.

The Dark Elves led by the evil Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) planned to plunge the world in darkness by unleashing the Aether when the nine realms align during a celestial phenomenon. The Asgardians are however aThor-Dark-World-36 better match as they are able to snatch the Aether away from Malekith and hide it somewhere so secluded that no one can find it. Malekith escapes and pledges revenge on all the realms. 5000 years later, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) chances upon a unique celestial phenomena in which the worlds are criss crossing with each other and stumbles upon the Aether herself. Thor(Chris Hemsworth) arrives and takes her away to Asgard but Malekith has already locked his target on Asgard and an epic battle follows which would decide the destiny of not only Asgard but earth as well. In this desperate hour, Thor must team up with the most unlikely hero of the hour, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the one person he cannot trust.

Thor-2_2709663bThor: The Dark World excels in every department that its predecessor failed. To start with, I felt that the first installment was devoid of major action set pieces which really are necessary if you are making a film on Thor. Here the action junkies will be totally satisfied as Thor swings his hammer more than once. To follow it up, we have the refreshingly funny and interesting Loki. The movie may be titled Thor, but the real hero here is Loki by far in manners that you are well aware off if you have seen the Avengers. The character of Loki has wonderfully evolved over the years and he is at the pinnacle of his charisma right now. Watch out for his interstation with Odin (Anthony Hopkins) or for that matter Thor. He is not only funny but genuinely interesting.

The film has an interesting and meaty storyline which would serve the action well. The chemistry between Thor and Jane is also another high point. Being from anthe-13-best-and-worst-things-about-thor-the-dark-world extraterrestrial origin, Thor still demonstrates the human traits which at many junctures add to laughs. Watch him question Jane about another guy as also the Train ride. The evil Malekith is fearsome and is an able foe to the hammer swinging Thor. Natalie Portman does her part as Jane but it has to be agreed that she has aged. Anthony Hopkins is in a role which is just a continuation of what he was doing in the first part. Idris Elba is wasted as Hiemdell. That role could have been essayed by anyone. Having said that, there was still one action set piece where he brings down a spacecraft singlehandedly which had my pulse pounding.

Thor-The-Dark-World-MalekithThe action is relentless. It seems as if the director had set out to undone the wrongs done in this department by the first films and he does so effortlessly. With the quality of action on display, no one was complaining. I won’t be able to comment on the 3D for this film simply for the reason that I watched it in 2D. Maybe if I do it watch it in 3D; I would be able to add a note or two to this very review. Overall, Thor: The Dark world is a worthy watch and can be easily seen for a couple of times for all the reasons that we watch an action film for. It’s at least 10 times better than its predecessor and one off the better action films of 2013.



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