440872-shaadi-ke-side-effectsRefreshing! Thought provoking! Interesting! Intelligent! Shaadi Ke Side Effects is all that and a lot more. Starting off with the meeting of two apparent strangers who declare their marital status within minutes of their meeting with the next few scenes establishing them as a married couple, just spicing up their marital lives. That is one of the many jolts that the viewer receives during the runtime of the film. Saket Chaudhury, who made his debut as director with the resplendent Pyaar Ke Side Effects in 2006 takes a done to death subject but is successful in bringing something new to the plate.

Sid (Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha (Vidya Balan) are a happily married couple. While Sid is trying to make a foothold in the music industry, Trisha is successful in her endeavors and isshaadi-ke-side-effects-movie-image-11 looking at a promotion. But then Trisha gets pregnant and the couple, after some hilarious think ins, decides to have the baby. The birth of the child creates some demanding and strange situations between the couple which starts hampering their marital peace. Sid solicits the advice of a friend, Ram Kapoor on what is to be done. Ram’s advice makes Sid’s situation even more precarious as most of his moves backfires. Helpless, Sid decides to use the last weapon at his disposal, Truth!

The film is constantly funny without trying to be it. The credit for that has to be given to some deft writing and more than that, some outstanding dialogs. The communique between the couple is life like and you will never for a second doubt their marital woes. Fa2rhan is at the receiving end for most of the film, and he is spot on. His performance is assured and complete. In the second half he come more to the fore and doesn’t disappoint. His sizzling chemistry with Vidya is infectious. Vidya on the other hand is effortless in her act. She has impeccable comic timing which goes on effectively throughout the film.

There are some scenes which are exceptionally well edited. These scenes are elevated just because of the way they are edited. Example of this would be the scene where during the first nights with the new born, Sid has confusion regarding what is to be done every time the baby cries. He guesses every time and he guesses wrong. There are some scenes which are elevated by performances. This attribute of the film comes to the fore in every scene that has Farhan Akhtar and Ram Kapoor in it. Watch out for the dialogs between the two. Ram Kapoor is in supreme form.

The music and unnecessary songs are again a stickler in an otherwise fluid screenplay. After an exceptional first half, the second half does fizzle out a tad bit with some unnecessary elements making a foray into theHarry-Is-Not-Bhramchari-Shaadi-Ke-Side-Effects narrative. The comedy also suffers a jolt in the second half but the film wraps up the loose ends quickly and leaves a good taste in the mouth without any major hiccups. This is the kind of film which can be watched, enjoyed and then forgotten easily. It never tries to be anything more and thus ends up being mighty pleasing. Shaadi Ke Side Effects takes instances from real life and garnishes those situations with some outstanding performance by the ensemble cast and dishes it out as entertainment. For all those looking for a breather from the wear and tear of everyday life, Shaadi Ke Side Effects is just the drink that the doctor orders. Watch it, enjoy it and then quickly forget it.



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