bewakoofiyaan-posterBewakoofiyaan comes to us as another run of the mills fresh and entertaining youthful affair which has over the years become the call of the day. We have been fed youthfulness week after week, month after month and year after year making the stars of those ones to drool over for the so called youngistan. The problem however remains with the fact that apart from a bucket load of tears and sympathy, a truck load of “awww” moments and a train full of mush with a tinz of evil thrown in here and there, these films boast of nothing more. There is practically nothing novel or thought provoking to take back home from and all this is being sold in the name of Entertainment. Where is the entertainment?

Bewakoofiyaan is another addition to a prolonged list of wannabe entertainers having all the clichés that summarizes this class. The story revolves around a super duper cool dude8 Mohit (Ayushman Khurana) who is a Senior Marketing Executive with a firm. He has a gold card and cashes home a 65000/- salary with perks. To go with that he has a girlfriend in Mayera (Sonam Kapoor) who is earning an even heftier salary and yet loves Mohit with all her heart. After a two year courtship the two decide to tie the knot and in walks the devil in the safari suit, VK Sehgal (Rishi Kapoor), the bureaucratic and extremely stern father who would go to any lengths to get his daughter married to a millionaire. Mohit slowly inches towards getting his approval when disaster strikes and he loses his job because of global layoffs. Suddenly he becomes dependent on Mayera and cracks start showing up in their relationship.

9This is one story that we have heard and seen a thousand times. We know exactly where we are headed and that’s a spoiler right from the beginning. The only things that could have saved this movie from disaster were novel twists and turns in the narrative and something refreshingly new happening in the climax. The film however fails miserably in both the departments with the intermediate portion hamming to the extent that the audience would be looking for loo breaks every 15 minutes. The narrative gets pretentious and some excessively corny and cheesy dialogs thrown at us from time to time don’t help matters either. The frequent song and dance routines are just an added pain in the ass. Throughout its runtime I kept wondering, why it was called Bewakoofiyaan?

The lead cast of Ayushman and Sonam look tired and uninterested about what they are doing. They just walk through the motion of the day in the most mundane and frigid manner possible. Rishi Kapoor is the sole point5 of solace essaying a role that suits him to the‘t’ with panache and vigor. He is believable and loveable as the father who sees through the love and misunderstandings of his daughter and his love interest and is able to rise above his misgivings. He is the heart and soul of the film if you are able to find one.

Overall, Bewakoofiyaan is an uninspiring and tedious affair with nothing more than some mushy vanilla laden forcefully induced romantic scenes and a pink bikini clad Sonam Kapoor to excite attention. Watching it would be a Bewakoofy in itself.



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