RAGINI MMS-2 (2014)

ragini-mms-2-poster-3Ragini MMS-2 tries to redefine an old genre which it proudly calls horrex (horror+sex). A genre which has been tried out several times in the past in low budget Ramsay brothers films and which has always found takers in the audience who go into the theaters to get chills and thrills out of jump on your face horror moments and scantily clad women. To attempt a film of this genre in the mainstream niche was always a grey area but when you have Sunny Leone backing a project with her bold and hour glass body, who wouldn’t take a risk. After the success of its predecessor, Ragini MMS also had an interest factor associated with it apart from the obvious Sunny skin-show and titillation.

The film starts off exactly where the first installment had left off. Ragini is now in a Sunny-Leone-sexy-kissing-scene-in-shower-300x194mental institution while Uday is dead. The video has gone viral and that has inspired a director Rock (Pravin Dabas) to make a film on the subject matter staring a porn-star Sunny (Sunny Leone) as Ragini. The script writer has brilliant plan of shooting the film in the same mansion where the events of the first film had unfolded and so the measly crew set out to make a film about an MMS. Once in the mansion, strange things start happening but it is not until the full moon night that the real horrors of the house start making their presence felt.

top hot-The problem with Ragini MMS-2 is that it is underwhelming both in terms of horror and titillation. There isn’t a single scene in the film which would really scare you. The numerous pickups from popular Hollywood flicks like Possessions, the Conjuring etc also doesn’t help the matter. Anyone who has seen these flicks can literally predict the outcome and exact moment of horror in every set piece making it a boring affair. The skin show though is aplenty is not allowed to make much of an impact. Every time a scene starts grabbing your attention; you have the censor’s scissor making an untimely cut thereby effectively spoiling the fun. For a film rated ‘A’, I see absolutely no point of blurring out Sunny’s vital organs in intimate kissing scenes or for editing out a rousing session which was part of the trailer for that matter.

All these factors add up to practically decimate any effect that the film might have had as horrex and is in turns reduced to a two hourMultiplexes-thr1550 long ham. Having said that, sunny Leone still delivers a no-holds barred performance and I mean that figuratively. We know she is not an actor but she is eye candy and she proves to be that throughout her appearance in the film. She is right at home essaying a character which is like playing herself and really lights up the proceedings in some of the scenes. The scenes which deserve mention here are the shower scene, the two encounters of her with the spirit in the house in her night gowns and the finale where she has to portray a possessed girl. The Sunny-Sandhaya Mridul kiss is a bore.

sunny-leone-still-from-ragini-mms-2-on-sets_13643675763The first half of the film drags to such an extent that the onset of the interval seems abrupt. The second half builds up some speed and the buildup though slow still makes some sense leading up to the finale which again seems like hurried. The film does boast of some decent VFX which is now becoming Bollywood standards. The makeup is also done with finesse and the two songs that appear in the film do not put any serious brakes on the narrative instead keep you engrossed in Sunny’s moves for a bit.

Overall, Ragini MMS-2 has just one USP and that’s its leading lady but even her seductive charm cannot stop this ship from sinking. With minimal fear factor and chopped down sleaze value, Ragini MMS-2 has very little to offer even to the front bencher.


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