captain-america-the-winter-soldier-internationalCaptain America: The Winter Soldier introduces us to a new found seriousness for the Marvel Studios. Known for peppy, chatty and somewhat happy go lucky super heroes who in spite of being threatened by the most extreme of foes never forget to say that catchy one liner. This film is however a gritty and dark tale of a man who is fighting to fit in a world which he was oblivious to. A world which has changed beyond recognition and more importantly the odds have staked up against him to such an extent that he finds the line differentiating the good guys from the bad go blurry by the day. Captain America is 95 years old and yet he hasn’t yet got hold of the Internet well enough to understand the fact that backing up the hard disk once in a while is good practice.

The film takes us into a world where the danger is lurking in every corner and Director of SHIELD Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) has convinced the world leaders that the answer to all theCaptain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-Sebastian-Stan regression of the masses lies in an artificial intelligence defense system which will predict and annihilate any threat to nation security even before the threat becomes real based on a computer algorithm which has been designed by the best minds of the world. However before he is able to put the system online, Fury is eliminated by the folklore villain known only as the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). Fury’s death brings SHEILD to its knees as its new leader Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) goes all out in search of the murderer of his friend. Soon the guns turn on Captain America and the Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) who must now find out the people behind the conspiracy and also save themselves from the wrath of the very agency that they worked for. Unraveling the truth behind the murder of Fury, the duo chance upon a conspiracy which threatens the existence of millions.

1382480720000-capt-america-winter-soldier-mov-jy-9061_largeCaptain America: The Winter Soldier is a film which will merit and rate as a high class spy thriller. If one takes away the caped crusader persona and heroics, Captain America could be any agent working under the bowels of the city and uncovering a plot that threatens millions. The film will also rate as a smashing action picture with some of the sequences even giving the more highly rated Avengers a run for its money. The sheer scale and execution of the action sequences make it thrilling to watch. There are many hand held camera shots which have been perfectly rendered for the 3D version making the audience feel of being smack in the middle of the action. Kicking off with the initial action sequence aboard a vessel which showed the action unfold using both long shots and close shots to portrays the atmospheric of the battle, the way Captain America bumps off baddies makes for an amusing watch. The following chase sequence where Nick Fury is nearly taken out by a team and the first glimpse of the Winter Soldier is exhilarating. The dynamics of the fast speed cars and faster flying bullets is brought out with aplomb.

The show down between Captain America and The Winter Soldier is breathtaking and the audience will have their hearts in their mouth ascaptain-america-2-winter-soldier-chris-evans2 the narrative will unravel. The character of Falcon (Anthony Mackie) adds a dash to the narrative. Even though I would have loved a longer presence his gears and the way the la_ca_0102_Captain_Americacharacter way takes to the action sequences is lovely to watch. Even the character of Black Widow is stretched out to provide some depth before she starts kicking butts. Robert Redford in a minuscule role makes his presence felt. Jackson as Nick fury is endearing and ruthless as his character would have it. Sebastian Stan plays the Winter Soldier to perfection. His traumatized past can be seen evident on his face and expressions which makes his stone cold killer character even more appealing. Towering above all others is Chris Evans who has the unique distinction of playing two super heroes at one go(He is also the Human Torch of Fantastic 4 series of Marvel).

Overall, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is smashing action film and an enticing thriller. It would be wrong to not give its narrative the due credits of being a standout film in itself. Bettering on its somewhat lukewarm predecessor, the film throws in some genuine twist and turns which are bound to leave many perplexed. Don’t miss the scene that comes after the cast and credits.


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