Youngistaan_First_Look_PosterContrary to many reviews, I found Youngistaan a tad bit more entertaining than what I had expected of it. Relating a somewhat interesting story and with the screenplay not stretching beyond toleration, the film turned out to be at least an interesting watch. We have had a few films which followed in similar lines before but none of them really emphasised on the conflicts of a 28 year old dude who was until a few days back in a live in relationship and suddenly is made the prime minister of a country which wants its PM to be a person of age and spotless character conduct (I am not calling Live-in-Relationship immoral!!!). The taboos of the country start meddling with the guy’s life and his mentality as a whole. He is quickly torn between his responsibilities towards his new found role and his love for the one person who remains his in the world after his father’s sudden death.

Youngistaan gets to the point real quick after the initial setup as Abhimanyu (Jacky Bhagnani) travels from Japan to India, hisyoungistan-movie-wallpapers homeland, to meet his ailing father. His father entrusts him with the responsibility of looking after the well-being of the country before he closes his eyes and after some drama, Abhimanyu is sworn in as the next PM of the country. His reach and understanding of the position is however impeded from time to time because of an unsettling girlfriend Anwita Chauhan (Neha Sharma) and also the political machinery which doesn’t let him settle down and make some concrete decisions. His only source of help and solace is his Personal Assistant Akbar (Farooq Sheikh). As Abhimanyu dwells more and more into the complex world of politics he finds that he might just have bitten off more than what he could chew. The next two hours is dedicated to Abhimanyu exorcizing his ghost and win over all odds to fulfil his father’s dreams.

syed-ahmad-afzal-in-youngistaan-movie-stills_2Youngistaan is sure to entertain you all the way through with its meaty story. There is a lot of happening and events unfold real quickly with very little time in between to get bored. The song and dance routines which have always been a part of Bollywood are obviously there but they don’t irritate you beyond a point and hence don’t spoil the fun too much. But a story like this could have easily done away with it. There is ample drama in a number of sequences and thank fully Jacky doesn’t look too much out of place in those sequences. He has been able to pull of an almost authoritative performance. Neha Sharma is her usual cool and bubbly self and apart from a few scenes where she becomes irritating, remains on track. The star of the show however is Farooq Sheikh, who in his last film essays a character which becomes above average solely because of the way he playsfarooq_youngistaan it.

The climax of the film is done well. What works best here is the way in which it is executed. The series of scenes leading to the finale is done with aplomb. Having said all that, the film does fizzle out from time to time and the lack of charisma on part of the leading man keeps making the film feel lowly at different junctures. The story also has its share of limitations which cannot be avoided. To sum it all up, Youngistaan is a good effort which does better t an expected. If one can ignore the inherent limitation it could merit as a decent watch.



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