maach_mishti_and_more_ver2Another day, another Bengali film, another sweet surprise. Maach Mishti & More is a delightful little film which had me smiling all throughout the screening. The film tells the story of Bengali family, their ups and down and their final rendezvous with peace and happiness and most importantly their respected goals with the city of Kolkata and its people serving as a backdrop. This is one film which is very very Bengali but it promptly displays the Kolkata of today instead of weaving a story from imagination. The film borrows heavily from real life problems and situations and wonderfully brings out the irony in those situations thereby letting its audience wholeheartedly connect with the narrative. Every little comic situations and family push and pull is something that we experience on a daily daily basis and yet is able to offer something refreshing and spontaneous.

08neha1The film works as a mirror for the young generation and while it is totally unapologetic about how it portrays the seniors(sometimes pointing out their misgivings blatantly), it also doesn’t take sidesMaachMishti&More1-10_11_27 PM with the young. Thereby by the end of the film no one will be left with a feeling of being left out. Every character has his/her own story to tell. While Ronnie(Parambrata Chatterjee) is a working class individual trying to cope with his love life and his girlfriend’s sudden offer for marriage which he is hardly ready for. His chance meeting with an old and lost friend rekindles some hidden passions which further complicates his life and predicament. Raj(Anubrata Basu) is an aspiring actor who wants to become SRK but is left with fighting for his privacy with none other than his own mother. He also makes it a point to dump every girl in his life who tries to get serious. His life is turned upside down when he meets his match in Neha(Neha Panda). the eldest of the three brother, Shauvik(Shauvik Kundagrami) comes back form USA to start his own business but gets side tracked form his goal when his morbid sex life lands him in the laps of a sultry seductress. His wife Reena(Swastika Mukherjee) is left hapless. The three stories combined with another heartwarming tale of coming of age featuring Soumitra Chatterjee as the modern day Dadu culminate in a teary climax which sets everything right.

08paramRather than being a story, Maach Mishti and More is a collection of stories each having immense heart and a mind of its own. What further elevates the film is the way it is executed. Each of the stories is given equal weight age.  The take is maachmishti-more_600_400contemporary and fresh with attention paid to minute details. The dialogs are intelligent and on your face. The comedy is circumstantial and has a dash about it. There are scenes which can be enjoyed again and again but I will not go into details about them thereby spoiling your fun. The music is another plus with the soundtrack catching the mood of the narrative at vital junctures and delivering.  The performances are top notch with Parambrata and Shauvik leading from the front. Raima Sen and Swastika essay their roles with conviction while Soumitra Chatterjee is the real sweetener. The scene lights up every time he makes an appearance. Anubrata Basu is a master stroke.

Overall, Maach Mishti & More is one of those Bengali films which will make you stand up and take notice of the every day situations have a laugh about it or just relive a similar moment that you might have experienced. Therein lies its greatest strength. Highly recommended!




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