After almost two weeks of 4-6 hours of continuous gaming each day, I am finally done finishing the story missions of the Far Cry 3. Before I jumped into playing this game, I heard only and only good things about this game and now that I am done playing this game, I can see why. As they wrote in Gamepro, “Far Cry 3 is all that is best in open world gaming”. A First Person Shooter, the game takes you to a mesmerizing Rook Island, which is just as beautiful as it is dangerous. The game starts off with a cinematic introduction as we see our protagonist Jason celebrating with brothers Grant and Riley and some of their friends in an island and then they set out on Sky Diving.

Cenote_NO_LOGO_GOLDSubsequently the group gets picked up after landing in the wrong side of the Island by the local pirates led by an insanely cool villain Vaas. Jason with the help of his elder brother Grant escapes but his hunted down by the Pirates who kill120815_10am_FC3_screen_SP_Quad_5_Gamescom Grant but Jason narrowly escapes and lands up in the hands of the Rakyat, the natives of the islands who are just as troubled by Vass and co as Jason is. The Rakyat named Denies who saves his life also shows him around the island a bit making him aware of the rules of engagement their and also how he must help the Rakyat with destroying Vaas’ empire and how it is the only way in which he could save his younger brother and other friends who are about to be handed over to the slave traders.

Led ahead by Denies, Jason sets out on a number of missions across the island to bring down the empire of Vaas and save his friends and brothers from disappearing into oblivion. These missions range from the actual story which unfolds in chapters, Missions which Jason undertakes to save the Rakyat from some animals who pose a threat to their existence, Missions which involve killing key pirates with knives and liberating outposts and also restarting certain communication towers which bring the Island on line and reveal the Map with all the flora and fauna in the range. His missions also involve crafting and acquiring special skills which are depicted within the Tattoo that he bears on his arms.

far-cry-3Far Cry 3 is one hell of a gorgeous game. It has a total of 39 story missions which makes it a rather long game just like its predecessor. Each of the missions has their share of surprises and actions associated with them. While some FarCry3missions involve a bludgeoning approach of destroying and sending some of the enemy straight to hell, some of the missions are strictly stealth based in nature involving a lot of strategic and composure to finish. There are stages where in you have to work as an explorer finding out artifacts making your way through caves, ravines, hills, secret passages, etc giving you an Indiana Jones sort of a feel.

The game provides you with the luxury of riding almost any vehicle that is present on the Island. You can interact with every element on the maps and the sheer size of the maps will let you do just as much exploring as you can ever think of. There is a cache of weapons ranging from the Glock to the AK47, from Sniper Rifles to Flame Throwers and even Bows and Arrows. Apart from all that, you can use the knife at your disposal to takedown enemies and that’s also what you are going to use to kill the two main antagonists. Knives hold epic importance in this game.

xjR0OiwThe graphics and sounds of the game are fascinating. For a game released almost 2 years back, FC3 looks ravishingly beautiful. Plying on a core 2 duo machine with 4 GB Ram and 512 Graphics, the game ran flawlessly without a single fc3citrascreenshotglitch. The ultra mode though couldn’t be accessed as I believe that would require a 1 GB Graphics to run without any snag. The wildlife is brought out with vivacity leaving no stone unturned to keep the player vulnerable. You can be killed by sharks, tigers, alligators and even emus. These animals you can again use for your benefits by breaking them open for them to maraud your enemies form time to time. But for that you need precision.

The only complain that I have for the game is in the fact that I was unable to get rid of the cut scenes to get right into the gameplay after I had already seen them once. It really tends to get annoying at key points like when you interact with the character Buck who gives long and mundane speeches and you just feel like knifing his ass and towards the end when you have a showdown with Hoyt who also has the tendency to talk too much before every move. The distance between the points of the missions could also be a bit of Far-Cry-3-9_1329425969a snag for many who do not enjoy the ride or driving in cars or sailing around. However as you reach towards the end of the game, the Fast Travel option really helps you to make small work of the travel.

Final words, FC3 is one of the most visually stunning and satisfying gaming experience for the lover so the genre. It is one of those games which makes paying those hefty sums for the game worthwhile as it can be played for longer durations with feeling repetitive and also played in different perspectives. Its a game which has an interesting and thought provoking story to tell and lets you make choices. Some of the sequences is bound to extract some heightened emotions from the player, especially the one in which the player as Jason has to torture his own brother. The multiple endings will let you choose between the sanity of your mind and the darkness in your heart. This is one game which should not be missed at any cost.



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