Based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s “All You Need Is Kill”, Edge of Tomorrow is a racy Science fiction thriller which works in all its elements. After Oblivion which came under some serious flack for reasons which still elude my understanding, Edge of Tomorrow nails all that was seemingly wrong about Oblivion and on the way sets new standards for the visual wizardry. I use the term wizardry primarily because of the reason that the visuals for most of the parts are magical and consistently so. Be it the design of the aliens or the breath-taking action sequences, the action and the visuals are depicted with such heart that they are bound to affect you.

The world is under attack and rule of the tentacle alien race known only as the Mimic. The defence forces after repeated failures have finally won a major victory against the aliens in one of the battles and buoyed by their newly found successtom-cruise-edge-of-tomorrow decide to launch an all-out assault on the aliens. Army PR personnel, Cage (Cruise) is summoned to London by the Commander of the Defence Forces and he after a brief altercation with Cage, literally condemns him to land with the first raid against the aliens to cover the whole event. Stripped of his rank and status, Cage soon realises that the aliens, who can literally predict future had known of the attack and the defence forces are butchered along with Cage himself. But before Cage dies fighting an Alpha, the alien spills over his blood on Cage which gives him the ability to reset in time every time he dies and wake up at the airbase the day before the attack.

Edge29At first cage tries to convince the others of his new found powers and then he tries to save as many as he can which also yields no result. He meets Rita (Emily Blunt) who was also in possession of similar power before a blood transfusion took away her powers. Rita asks Cage to come and find her the next day when he wakes up. Cage does so and the two eventually try out every permutation combination possible for the outcome of the battle scenario but come up with no results. Cage tells her about the existence of an object known as Omega which is the neural centre of all the aliens and could be the source of all their powers. If that Omega is destroyed, the aliens could be finished off once and for all.

The two make move enroute to the Omega only to find that the omega was merely a bait to trap cage and rid him of his powers. The duo is now totally helpless and has no idea which way to go in order to blast the aliens back to hell. It is at Edge-of-Tomorrow-Emily-Wallpaperthis point of time that they are made aware of a prototype device which could be just the thing that they need. The aliens on the other hand are up to the task and leave no stone unturned to stop the future from changing in favour of the humans. Will the final mission be a success and will the duo be able to restore balance forms the rest of the narrative.

MI-GleasonThe film is brilliant in its depiction of the events. The screenplay is tight and the editing is razor sharp which keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The action comes in brief stints but they come rather frequently and every time it’s a treat to watch. After the initial hiccups, Cage swiftly transforms into a terrific fighter who’s every move demands some serious cheers. After he teams up with Rita, the much needed oomph quotient is added which makes up for anything that was missing. The overwhelming might of the adversary also keep the heroics of the duo enough room to stretch their muscles. The background score and the soundtracks at critical junctures help to up the tempo.
The only complain form the film is its predictable and somewhat lukewarm ending which could have been better thought out. Cruise is in his element throughout the film and it is mighty difficult to imagine that he is 51 years form his enthusiasm and action. Blunt is charming and kicks ass in role which gives her the nickname “Full Metal Bitch”.

Overall, Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best Sci-Fi films to come out this year. It has all the ingredients which make up a blockbuster and it has the ingredients in the right amounts to ensure that neither the screenplay nor the treatment goes overboard. Watch it as soon as possible.


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