Dear Sajid Khan (the “dear” is there just for the sake of courtesy and keepsake),

If you still remember your humble beginnings then you would most certainly remember that it was us the audiences who made you what you are today. We nodded in favour of your brand of comedy which till date is at best condescending and then you decided to walk into making films. You made such lavish claims about films which were not even country line garbage and yet we persisted with you. We endured Himmatwala and you big mouth along with it and yet we persisted with you.

hum09-may3But with Humshakals you have finally crossed your limits. You have made a film which is could kill people of boredom literally. You mentioned in one of your interviews that you have done nothing but films in your life and that you make films for the audiences. Is this how you treat your audiences? With such utter disdain and cruelty? You really think that we are this stupid that we will laugh at those sorry excuses of jokes. You are not ridiculing just us with your insipid cinema if we may call it. You are insulting Indian cinema in front of the world. You are portraying us as the dimwits which maybe only you are for the fact that you can make a film like this. You are making a caricature out of every person associated with your film.

You want us to believe that

1. There are three lookalikes in this world who are best friends and share the exactly same relation and even sound the same and for that matter are also called the same. Not even the butterfly effect can explain such a preposterous concept to start with.
2There is wonder drug which will alter your chromosome and make you a dog which will then make you dry hump a person’s leg.humshakals1_1403247666_600x450
3. There is this multi-millionaire who will be packed off to the asylum while his Humshakals roam about in the wild in their inane stupidity and no one will notice or understand.
4. There is a warden in a mental Asylum who dresses up like a Nazi and is a homosexual at the same time.

I can go on and on about the blasphemies that you have committed towards the art of cinema but I choose not to. You may say that if the audience doesn’t like my films they may not see it but you in all your stupidity and high-mindedness have to understand that cinema are not merely a tool of making big bucks. It is actually a treaty of our time. A proof of our existence. Films made in 1910s and 1920s still survive and often gives us an insight into the life and times of the 1900s. Imagine India being understood by a 5 year old through your cinema. Hope you get the picture.

You are not merely ridiculing the characters in your cinema you are in reality ridiculing your own identity. There are others ways of making people smile. This is not the way. You never for once made us smile through Humshakals. All you have done is insulted a 100 years old film industry. It is because of films like yours that our generation today prefer a Hollywood crap more than a sensible and good Indian cinema. Your film has destroyed a week for the film-goers. If that’s not criminal enough, your film might have even turned off some youngsters from watching Hindi films ever again.

I just wish and pray that everyone somehow is able to forget about the existence of a film like Humshakals for ever because if it does survive through time it will be one of the biggest blemishes on the face of Indian cinema.

Yours Truly




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