Yevadu Latest HD Posters (2)

Yevadu is two revenge stories put into one. While the first revenge culminates almost at the half way stage, a new story unfolds post interval which holds your attention just as much as the first one. Thus Yevadu gives you the pleasure of watching two films with two distinct stories and characters at the same go. It has enough Masala to keep you hooked for the duration of its runtimes and just about enough action to satisfy the action junkies. Ram Charan Teja is the right Allu arjun yevadu Movie Stillchoice for the role as it demanded a character with stoic look all through and he does well to match the bill. The film moves quickly and gets to its point without the unnecessary pull and drag.

ei-188950The film starts in the middle of action as we see Satya(Allu Arjun) single handedly bash up  a truckload of goons to elope with the love of his life Deepthi(Kajal Agarwal). The couple nearly make it through but are caught by the goons of Veeru Bhai(Rahul Dev). Deepthi is murdered and Satya is left for dead. He however survives the incident and undergoes a facial reconstruction surgery to become Satya(Ram Charan Teja). He comes back to extract revenge on the wrong doers. He is helped in this matter by a flamboyant wannabe film actress Amy Jackson. Satya is able to extract his revenge but just when he thinks that he is done he is suddenly pursued by a group of Marauding goons who want him dead. he realises that the new found face of his could belong to someone who the goons are really after. He starts piecing the events together to get a clearer picture and that is when he comes face to face with Charan(Ram Charan Teja).

Yevadu is a whirlwind journey which unfolds at such a pace that the viewer is hooked. The film has its share of flaws but chances are that you will1013089_678183545531212_1327880465_n (1) not notice them unless you go repeat viewings. The scientific aspects of the film go for a toss right form the beginning and yet we don’t ridicule it cause we know that this is not a film which is meant to make senses. Imagine if Allu Arjun could undergo a plastic surgery to become Ram Charan Teja what more need we say. However that doesn’t go on to reduce the affectivity of the film and it remains fun for most of the parts. The baddies are the trademark ruthless and talkative kind which we are used to from the Telugu film industry. Rahul Dev is portrayed as one who is so handsome that one of the heroines runs to take a pic with him and he subsequently stalks her for day before our hero arrives in the scene. The other guy is so ruthless that he makes it a point to chop off limbs from time to time just to quench his insatiable thirst for carnage.

Sai-Kumar-Dialouge-Trailer-From-YevaduThe three heroines are there just to light up the screen and fill the arms of the protagonist. Apart from Kajal Agarwal who sets the ball rolling for the first revenge saga the other two are mere props. Shruti Hassan has the meatiest role and also looks the prettiest. Amy Jackson is passable and does well in the scenes where she is supposed to look pretty. Allu Arjun sparkles in a cameo. Ram Charan Teja is Yevadu and he is able to carry the film on his shoulder. The character suits his style of acting. The stoic kind and so leaves no room to expose his evident lack of range of expressions. The action is relentless and apart from a few tacky wireworks, the action remains consistent effective. The climax and the rest of the narrative complements each other well and the audience is bound to leave satisfied. isn’t that exactly what we want to be walking out of a film like this. Yevadu is a watchable and entertaining and makes for a wholesome family entertainment. Recommended!



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