transformers-age-of-extinction-poster• A phenomenal good vs. Bad scenario – check!
• Optimus Prime in a sorry state and then recovers phenomenally – check!
• Huge battle sequences which almost tear apart a city – check!
• Father and daughter duo trying to decipher the world but ending up with a Transformer- check!
• An earthling collaborating with the evil aliens- check!
• Optimus Prime and the chief antagonist battling it out one on one- check!
Fhew! I could go on and on about the similarities between the latest Transformers movie and the three films before it. The similarities are unending and they keep coming at you from right left and center. The film gets so predictable in the second half that you can practically guess every scene and that is also where the biggest flaw of the film lies. For the first time in all these years a Transformers film hams.

Cade Yeager (Mark Walberg) is a down on luck mechanic who wants to settle his daughter’s life by creating something extraordinary from the robots that he makes and the stuff that he repairs. He mw-np-jr-980x660buys a trashed truck and thinks of stripping it for parts which could settle down the college fees of his daughter. But the truck turns out to be Optimus Prime. The government agencies which are hunting for all alien robots be it Autobots or Decepticons come vying for Yeager’s life and his discovery. The Agencies are not alone as they have an alien trophy collector who wants Prime for his collection and in return would give the Agency a vital artifact which the Agency will in turns use to create Transformers of their own.

Yes you read it right. The humans now know how to make Transformers and led forward by Joshua Joyce (a genuinely funny Stanley Tucci) have created their own super robot known as Galvatron. What Joshua doesn’t know is that Galvatron is Megatron reincarnated and is looking to sprawl an army of Transformers and take down earth as always. Cade, his daughter and her boyfriend are unwillingly dragged into the cat and mouse game which takes them to the limit of their physical and mental strength. By the time all hell settles down, at least two cities are destroyed, millions are dead and Prime leaves earth with the artifact to meet up with his creators who are possibly the reason for all the mayhem this time.

transformers-4-pics-2The film starts off in dinosaur era giving us a glimpse of what the Artifact known as “the seed” is capable of doing as it exterminates the race of Dinos. We then quickly zip forward in time to present day earth where Joshua’s company makes a unique discovery in the form of some ancient transformers. The film then quickly jumps to the scene of action where the old and dear Transformer Ratchet is brutally destroyed by the forces of men and the bounty collector Transformer who literally has a gun for his mouth. In the mean time we are given some dosage of father daughter love, father – to be son-in-law despise, father-daughter quarrels and a lot and lot of running around and finally a wholesome family reunion.

Michael Bay is able to really infuse life into some of the action sequences like the one in which Prime goes for an upgrade, the scene where he meets up with the other Autobots, the finaletransformers-4-poster-crop-invasion and the action sequence at the interval point. The action is consistently grandiose and it is the only thing which will keep you going. Some new characters are introduced and a lot of them are adversaries. Bumblebee makes a return and he is great to watch. With the humans also chipping in with some much needed gusto, the Autobots are for a longer part very much destructible which further increases the affectivity of the action sequences.

78831372435582-freightliner1The film however fails to add anything new to the franchise. The story, the screenplay and the direction are almost a copy paste job of the first three films and even the action sequences at many junctures give you a feeling of déjà vu. The performances are what you expect from a film like this. Walberg and Tucci have great chemistry and their interaction is one of the highlights of the film. Tucci especially has good comic timing and will extract some genuine laughs. Nicola Peltz is no Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for that matter and that oomph factor is sorely missed in many of the sequences. This is the kind of film which would do well with some glamour and interestingly it’s completely devoid of it.

Overall, Transformers: Age Of Extinction is the weakest Transformers film till date. The initial boom might see it through to some serious box office figures but the business will be hampered as more and more people see it and realize that it has absolutely nothing novel or even remotely as good as the previous films to offer in terms of entertainment or guilty pleasure. This one tuned out to be huge disappointment.


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