Humpty_Sharma_Ki_Dulhania_PosterHumpty Sharma Ki Dulhania turns out to be exactly what it had promised to be. A run of the mills comic romance which is genuinely funny without trying to be so. The situations and the settings are in keeping with the mood and feel of the Indian sensibility and thus serve swell to cater to not only the multiplex audiences but also strikes a chord with any moviegoer who might have enjoyed the films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ). We have almost the same proceedings here but the subject matter is presented with a renewed sense of modern sensibility and adds the much needed tadka to spice up the proceedings.

The story revolves around Kavya (Alia Bhatt) a small town girl from Ambala whose marriage is fixed and she has given in to the decision humpty-sharma-ki-dulhania-movie-still-14but has one last wish before she jumps into marital chaos. She wishes for a Designer Lahenga for which she convinces her father Ashotosh Rana to send her to Delhi. Once in Delhi she crosses path with Humpty (Varun Dhawan) and sparks start flying instantly. The duo keeps their distance but finally succumbs to their feelings and professes love for each other. Kavya however has to leave soon after for her marriage but Humpty follows path and then the evitable showdown with the sasur happens which culminates at the railway station. Ring any bells?

Humpty-Sharma-Ki-Dulhania-Stills-Hot-Varun-DhawanHumpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is an almost copy paste job from DDLG but the writers did a really good job in changing the treatment and setting to the point that the film becomes and almost new film. If one notices carefully, he is sure to find every scene complimenting some scene or the other from DDLJ. The characters are however revved up to match the generation. While Simran from DDLJ was a reserved and orthodox individual, Kavya is not afraid to do fraud to earn herself a Lahenga. She sleeps around with Humpty too, first in a trademark scene in which the film pays homage to DDLJ and then literally under rather touchy circumstances.

Humpty is no pure Rahul either as he is poor and yet almost as wacky and temperamental as the original Rahul. His love for varun_650_071414035905Kavya is just as die hard as Rahul’s was for Simran. And then you have the dad played here by Ashutosh Rana who may not be the Amrish Puri but still makes o r a decent dad. His portrayal of a father who is torn between wedding his daughter off with a well settled and perfect groom or letting his daughter follow her heart is believable and at many junctures touching. His many interactions with Humpty are some of the funniest and most rewarding times of the film.
varun-dhawan-alia-bhatt-Having said that one has to agree that the film wouldn’t be the same without the chemistry between Alia and Varun. It is amazing to see how the duo have aged over the years into two of the finest actors of the recent times. Alia has already proved her mettle with films like Highway and 2 states and here she just continues in the same direction. Varun on the other hand finds his comic timing from Main Tera Hero which did so well. He is in his elements and the audience seems to love it completely. I have nothing to complain either.

The only downer is the films music which sans the “Main Tenu” song is strictly ordinary. The cinematography and editing leave nothing more to be desired. The few action sequences which are there are done well. The song and dance routines are there just for the sake of being there an add nothing to the film. Overall, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is an enjoyable date movie which will make the fans of DDLJ stand up and take notice. It is one of those films which entertain you for the duration of the viewing then get forgotten. That’s what it was destined to be and that’s exactly
what it is.



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