The Eid release of this year from Salman Khan is raking in the mullah at an unbelievable rate and it’s not too strange to know that it’s another southie remake. Be it Wanted, Jai Ho or Ready, The southie remakes have worked out well for Bhaijan and they still continue to do so. What startled me a little this time around was the fact that the makers of Kick, in spite of crediting it to be a remake of the Telugu Kick starring Ravi Teja, boasted of it as being primarily original and having only 6 scenes from the Telugu version. That was really strange and quipped my curiosity just to check out whether the claims had any basis or not?

After sitting through the Telugu version of the film all I can say is that it’s another pure copy paste job done with some minor changes in the scenes. The basic story remains 4cnmsylbhg5xwifeuefthe same and introduces us to Kalyan (Ravi Teja) a peppy dude who would go to any extent to get a kick out of life. He gets into the life of sweet and bubbly girl, Ilene D’cruz and she falls in love with him only to see him walk out of her life just in the same manner as he walked in. her parents choose a suitor for her and she soon realizes that her to be suitor, who is a cop and goes by the name of Kalyan Krishna is demented by a thief who is stealing from the richest of the rich in the city. This thief is none other than our very own Kalyan who has moved up in life ever since his break up. Why is he doing all this? Will the cop nab him? Will he get back to his girl? The basic questions remain the same and so do the answers.

vlcsnap-2014-07-30-20h02m08s15What I kept asking myself throughout the viewing of the film was the amount of things that the Hindi version did right from the Telugu version.

1. While the Southie version is never able to take itself seriously and makes a mockery of everything including itself and its hero, the Hindi version does well to incorporate some much needed seriousness to the film through the transformation of the character of Devi (Salman).

2. The southie version fails to incorporate any heroism to the character of Kalyan who uses face masks while stealing while in the Hindi version, the character of Devil is almost a superhero in the likes of Robinhood. The costumed persona of Salman Khan is immensely likeable and that’s one thing that the southie version missed capitalizing on.

3. We have to agree that Ravi Teja is no Salman Khan and he can never be.

4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the baddie is miles ahead of the antagonist of the southie version. His Shiv Gajra is hateable and likeable at the same time and proves an able foil Kick-2014-First-Lookfor Salman’s Devil and thus raising the bar of the film.

5. The visual effects of the Hindi version are miles ahead of the Southie version and goes down a long way into making its storytelling much more believable and effective. 6.Kick (2014) is grand in every sense of the term. Be the mounting of the film, the visuals, the locales, the cast and crew, Kick scores big in very department. The same however cannot be said about the southie version. Even the music is better in the Hindi version than the southie.

18737.pngKick is the perfect example of an instance where a group of people took up an original and spiced it up with modern sensibility and understandings up to such an extent that it became a whole new experience all together. Nadiadwala and crew deserve every bit of the appreciation that they are getting form juicing up an idea to the level that it deserved to be juiced up to. They may not get any brownie points for the originality that they so blatantly boasted off, but they have certainly transformed Kick into a mammoth entertainer which will find takers even with western audiences.

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  1. Faheem says:

    You missed the whole point of the Telugu “Kick “..! It was about mockery.. Its a guy who does things for kick and he doesn’t mean to be serious. He is fun..! He is crazy.. Not logical.. Why be so serious?? Who are you to say Ravi Teja is no Salman. In that case Salman can’t match an ounce of Ravi Teja’s energy and comic timing. Have respect for the actors. Just because you are some Hypocrite don’t comment anything about an original film.. It was a FUN film.. What kind of special effects you want from a below 40cr budget film? You are Completely out of your mind..! I understand.. Its the after effect of watching Salman’s kick right..? Western audiences liked Salman’s kick.. hahha.. Good finally you showed your sense of humour..! Watch the original you will learn a few more..

  2. bhargav says:

    i am sorry.. but your taste in cinema is really really bad… and u need experience before reviewing. so start reading other reviews, then review on fb. then a blog


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