a29452v87ocOctober 2 will see the release of Hritik-Katrina starrer Bang Bang! The film is attributed as a remake of a Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz starrer Knight and Day. Ever since the promos went on air, there seems to be a buzz around the film. Be it the good looking action or the good looking people involved, the film seems to be generating some real positive air around it. However before we leap into Bang Bang! This October it isn’t unwise to just have a look at what its original entailed and how much of it could expect from the remake which for now looks mouthwatering.

Knight and Day relates the story of Roy(Cruise) who bumps into June(Diaz) on the airport. The two hop up on the same flight and soon find themselves making small talks and attracted towards each other. As June goes over
to use the washroom, Roy gets entangled in a duel to death with the rest of the passengers of the flight including the crew who seem to be hell bent on killing him. The fight ends with Roy winning and the flight being put on autopilot as he has to shoot both pilots. Roy explains the situation to June and tells her that he is a government agent who is trying to secure an item of importance and its maker from some dangerous people and also some agency agents who are after it. He tells her that her life may be in danger because of the flight that they shared. He then drugs her and she finds herself in her home the followingKnight and day movie day.

Trying to move forward considering it all as a bad dream, June tries to move on with life but she is hunted down by the agency people, just as Roy had predicted. She is however rescued by Roy as is customary and two head out for a whirlwind adventure spanning the globe. June who had absolutely no knack for such carnage and violence soon finds herself in the middle of every possible hue and cry and must try hard to keep her head steady and not being drugged again and again by Roy. Roy on the other hand has not only to find and safeguard the inventor of the device but also has to put an end to the criminal gang as also the agency dudes whoa are after the device and their lives.

Knight and Day is a one of the most fun action films that one gets to see and I am glad that I watched it even though it was for the tom-cruise-knightday-1pretext of bang Bang! The film doesn’t take
long to establish the premise and once it is done doing that, it gets straight to the business. The action is nonstop and whirlwind. It includes every sort of set pieces that one can expect. Be it the close combat sequence in the flight, the huge crash sequence, the bike chase through a traditional bull run festival or the drone attack on the secluded island, the action sequences look charming and breathtaking at the same time. After the initial hiccups, Diaz warms up to Cruise and some of the actions involve both taking part which further increases the eye candy value.

Both Diaz and Cruise are two of the most good looking people on earth at any given time and they use their looks and physicality to the perfection in keeping the audience Knight-and-Day-punch_55002ahooked. Having said that, the film also makes good use of their acting histrionics and sizzling chemistry which is evident in every scene that they are a part of. Their first meeting of the two, the scene where Diaz finds herself in a bikini and questions Roy how she got into it and the final scene are evidence enough of that fKnight-and-daymact. The cinematography is champion. The DP is able to catch the essence of every location that the film travels to and he presents picture perfect frames. The editing compliments the story to the ‘t’. the background score and the set design are apt.

If you are willing to ignore the over the top plot and are able to keep a check on your sensibilities and are able to accept the fact that one man can beat them all, then you can just kick in with a  bowl of popcorn and enjoy this exhilarating  ride of a movie through beautiful locales around the world and some serious action which will leave you completely satisfied. Shun all the critics who tell you other wise and just enjoy this for what it is, pure entertainment!

If Bang Bang! is able to replicate the gusto that this film was able to generate and is able to kick in some desi tadka along with it, the film should be nothing less than an epic. Knight and Day has genuinely wetted my appetite for some king sized entertainment from Bang Bang! The fact that Siddharth Anand helms the film only increases my interest.


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