into_the_storm_xlgInto The Storm was first suggested to me via its trailer by a friend who is far away from me now. He would repeatedly refer to it as the next best thing to be seen this month after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The first look at the trailer had me completely hooked. It really gave me the hibijibbies and the film looked like the Twister of the new generation and ever since I have been in look out for the release of this film. It got me so excited that I gave it a watch ahead of The Gurdians Of The Galaxy which has relesed simultaneously today. After sitting through this film when I ask myself to reflect on the decision to watch this one first, I feel that I had not taken a bad decision.

The plot is fairly simple. The town of Silverton is experiencing one of the worst tornados of its history. The calamity brings down Tornadowbitaly2 Chasers, Thrill seekers and above all the the everyday towns people to ducument and pave their way through hell as the town braces to face and endure the worst natural disaster of its time. In the midst of the storm a father is estranged from his son who is stuck ina chemical plant with the love of his life. A Tornado chaser is vying for the last and most rewarding documentary of his career, two idiotic thrill seekers who are as ill equipped as they are ill-adviced, find themselves filming their own exploits with the tornadoes for upload on the Youtube and amother away from her daughter tries to finish one last assignment before she could get back to her daughter for good.

1395682362000-1SNEAKPEEK-INTO-STORM-MOV-62983740Interestingly enough the film gives you an impression of being one of those direct to video affairs. I was shocked when the plex where I was watching it displayed a message before the start of the film stating that due to its aspect ratio, the screen size would be reduced. That’s something which doesn’t happen these days. However as I got more and more into the film, I realized that it was a decent disaster flick which would find takers in the lovers of the genre which was invented with films like Cloverfield, Blair Witch Project and the others of that line. The story is set up within the first 20 minutes of the film and we are made to care genuinely for some of the characters. Once the tornadoes set in, the visual effects take over.

One has to admit that the film does boast of some genuinely scary and breathtakinggary-protects moments. The climax is one which is deftly done with the special effects really making one gasp for breath. Some sequences are bound to leave a lasting impression. The scene where the tornado reaches the airport of the town and the static planes are shown taking off with the wind, the way the father rescues his son, the multiplying tornadoes which practically bulldozers its way through the buildings are just some of the sequences from a rather long list. The acting form the principle cast is decent. They make you care where they need to, they make you concerned where they need to and above all they bring you to the edge of your seats. Again the wonderful visual effects have a big contribution in that aspect. Richard Armitage  is the pick of the lot and essays the role of a father to perfection. Sarah Wayne Callies  give shim apt company.

into_the_stormThe film successfully provides you with what you expected of it and that works wonderfully for it. There are obvious flaws and the biggest of them would be a done to death storyline and somewhat leisurely pace but the entertainment quotient more than makes up for it. The film has a rather short runtime which is absolutely essential to ensure that the audience remains hooked and that also works as a factor in its favor. Overall, Into The Storm may not be a classic like Twister but it is entertaining enough to deserve a view. If you are in the mood for some disaster and mayhem, it is the right film for you this week.



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