Its-Entertainment-Movie-PosterAkshay Kumar’s Entertainment didn’t seem too much at the first view owing simply to the less than interesting story that it had to offer. It was the kind of story which you listen to, look surprised and then forget at that very instance. What potential would such a story have on the celluloid was one of the biggest question and now it seems that question has been answered. The film derives its material from the true story of a millionaire leaving all his assets to his dog as he is left with no one else to leave his wealth behind for. The same story is replicated here in as Akshay plays the protagonist who is an illegitimate son of a billionaire.

He is unaware of his legacy and continues to be conned by a person who is not even his father until a chance visit to a hospital opens up Its%20Entertainment%202014%20Movie%20Wallpaperthe doors of fortune for him. His father dies almost instantaneously but leaves behind his legacy to his dog known as Entertainment. Akshay arrives in Bangkok to stake his claims but is left with nothing. Desperate he decides to murder the dog and stake his claim thereafter but even with the help of his accomplice in crime Krushna, killing entertainment proves to be impossible. During one of his attempts, Entertainment ends up saving Akshay’s life instead and now he realizes why his father chose a dog above all. Times change soon enough as Akshay’s criminal cousins Karan (Prakash Raj) Arjun (Sonu Sood) arrive in the scene and try to con their way into the property. Akshay who had left returns to save Entertainment’s property form the evil grasp of Karan Arjun. In his endeavor he is helped by Habibulla (Johnny Lever), Krushna and Entertainment himself who is not alone and has an army of dogs to give him company.

it`s-entertainment_140265733510Entertainment is entertaining partly because of the intelligent writing and wholly because of the witty dialog/gags and superb performances by Akshay Kumar, Johnny Lever, Krushna, Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood. The comedy is loud and over the top but it is loveable at many junctures. There are scenes which are borrowed from here and there but you don’t mind it much as you are having such a good time. The songs are an irritation and seriously hamper the speed of the movie but then again it is a Hindi film and you have to endure the torture. The film starts losing its control towards the end and by the time we reach the climax, the film is crumbling. The best period in the film comes during the first half when it is the jolliest. Post Interval the film loses its grip and we lose our interest.

Akshay Kumar leads from the front with his impeccable comic timing and mouthing insane lines with utter surety. His facial Free-Download-Its-Entertainment-Full-Movie-HD-Downloadexpressions alone make up for half of the comedy in the film. Complimenting him well is Krushna who is splendid in a role which suits him just fine. Johnny Lever is brilliant and after a long time he gets a meaty part and does complete justice to it. Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood as the baddies are apt. Overall Entertainment is a passable one time watch. Don’t expect anything more.


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