Kaum-De-Heere-2014-Punjabi-Movie-Images Kaum De Heere is one of the most talked about and scandalous films of the year primarily due to its subject matter. The makers refer to the assassins of our Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as “Kaum De Heere” (Gems of the community) in the screenplay. If that isn’t scandalous enough the film goes to every extent to make heroes out of Beant Singh, Satwant Singh and Keher Singh, the three prime accused of the murder. While the film opens up one of the darkest chapters in the history of our country it is never able to give us a reason to quantify why the director or the makers think of making the film in the first place. The Censor Board further played a dolly by stopping its release at the threshold when it had already made its way into the news.

Let us first take a look into the story that the film wants to relate. It starts off with a heavy voice-over narrating the story of the prestigious Akal Takth at the Harmandir Saheb in the Kaum De Heere (2014) 1CD Punjabi DVDRip x264 E-Subs Team DDH~RG[19-36-40]Golden Temple complex and how every time the Harmandir Saheb came under attack, the community gave birth to heroes who avenged it again and again. The narrative then quickly jumps to the part where Punjab is under the scanner of the PM who is referred to only as Madamji. Within minutes, the story catapults to the operation Blue Star and how the golden temple was attacked and men and women ruthlessly murdered by the army under the orders of Madamji. Kaum De Heere (2014) 1CD Punjabi DVDRip x264 E-Subs Team DDH~RG[19-36-22]

Following the incident, Keher Singh (Sardar Sohi) literally brainwashes an almost innocent police officer Beant Singh (Raj Kakra) who is posted on Madamji’s duty at her residence. Beant then recruits another seemingly innocent sepoy, Satwant Singh (Sukhdeep Sukh) and the plan is hatched. Madamji is assassinated and Beant gets shot and killed in the ensuing combat. Satwant and Keher Singh are arrested, tried and hanged. In the midst of all this we have a nauseating love affair brewing between Satwant and his to be wife and a lot of hot headed and yet laughable dialogbazi from the actor playing Keher Singh. Oh! And before I forget, in the initial sequences which show the trial of the accused, there is a lawyer who stars off the proceeding by trying to justify the actions of the three perpetrators by narrating their story. This was the moment when I got hopeful thinking that I will learn something remarkable about the three that may have caused their actions but alas!…instead we are subjected to two hours of so called cinema with a dim wit screenplay and infuriatingly funny acting. Kaum De Heere (2014) 1CD Punjabi DVDRip x264 E-Subs Team DDH~RG[19-40-26]

The film dedicates a lot of time to say that the Sikhs have been wronged by madamji but never for a second show us why the army attacked temple in the first place. The screenplay never dwells on the reasons as to why emergency was clamped. It’s not like the army just felt like invading their own country and walked up the Golden Temple right? The next problem is that the story is never sure of itself. The film itself feels confused as to whether the actions were justified or not but just huffs and puffs and tries to shout its way to nailing in its point which it never succeeds in doing. Cinematically speaking, the film falls flat in every department.

The performances by the ensemble cast are amateurish. Led from the Kaum De Heere (2014) 1CD Punjabi DVDRip x264 E-Subs Team DDH~RG[19-36-36]front by the “Sardaron Ke Rajpal Yadav” Sardar Sohi, who literally gyrates in a few scenes to show his intensity. He is the one who overacts to the limit that you feel like slapping him out of the screen. Following him closely is Raj Kakra who has a constant look of “I want to go to the loo” on his face. He is amateurish in his act and I fell of twice from my chair laughing at his histrionics in some of the dramatic and action sequences. Watch out for the scene where his character is killed. That scene will give KRK’s Deshdrohi’s death scene a run for its money. Sukhdeep Sukh is a good looking guy but the presence of the other two, he is reduces to a laughing stock. Much of it will also be attributed to his bad acting. His scenes with the heroine will make you laugh the hardest. The scene where he fires at Madamji and also the subsequent action scenes are a laugh riot. Kaum De Heere (2014) 1CD Punjabi DVDRip x264 E-Subs Team DDH~RG[19-41-17]

After sitting through this film, I don’t see any reason why the censor board banned it. I say release it and see for yourselves how the audiences laugh it away. The film has neither the brains nor the heart to make any sort of impact on the masses. Even the most earnest fan of the trio will not be able to gulp this film down and instead will be running to the court to file defamation suits against Ravinder Ravi and co. Raviji if your intention was to glorify Beant, Satwant and Keher Singh’s acts then you have failed miserably but what you have done is ridiculed the lives and times of three individuals who are heroes for some and villains for many. Good Job man! 😀



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