urlDoes ghost exists? If yes then where is the proof? If there is a God and he protects us all, will he protect me when I am haunted? These are just some of the questions that The Possession of Michael King asks and tries to answer in its own way. The film chronicles the journey of Michael King (Shane Johnson) a film maker who believes that his wife who died as a result of a fluke accident did so because she was set on the course by a fortune teller. He makes it a point to search out anything paranormal that he can find in this world and document it if there is such a thing. The idea is if there is no paranormal than he will be able to show the world the same and then people may walk out into the light shunning their superstitions and stereotypes.

As King runs after the supernatural, he is unaware that what he is trying to quantify has set sight on him. It’s only a matter of time before he starts getting the feeling of being possessed even though he tries The.Possession.of.Michael.King.2014.720p.BluRay.x264.YIFY[10-06-47]his best not to believe it. His visit to a person who uses his semen and an off-the-book procedure to summon the spirit of a demon opens up the doors of trouble for King and his family. Once the procedure is done, King starts hearing some strange voices in the head which he can’t explain. He starts seeing some strange occurrences around his house including seeing a twisted figure in his daughter’s room. Scared and confused, he tries to make contact with the demon and is successful in doing so. What happens next?

The.Possession.of.Michael.King.2014.720p.BluRay.x264.YIFY[10-08-18]The Possession of Michael King has an interesting premise to start with. There are however a few shortcomings to it. The biggest of them being that there is nothing novel tried here. The scares and the jump out of your seat moments are ones which we have seen before a hundred times. There are no shocking expose or revelations which I was betting my money on and above all the climax is typical and adds nothing new to the genre. This is one film which could have gone anyway and yet somehow t chose to take the tried and tested path and ended up falling short of its potential. Having said that, the film does have a few genuine scares. The.Possession.of.Michael.King.2014.720p.BluRay.x264.YIFY[10-09-09]The first person view of the house and its inhabitants as seen through the eyes of the demon every night as he growls and snarls through the rooms is novel. The quick jumps between the reality and the possessed state as shown through the eyes of the demon and a camera which follows King everywhere is done well.

The.Possession.of.Michael.King.2014.720p.BluRay.x264.YIFY[10-09-37]The performances are believable and well done. Leading from the front, Shane Johnson essays Michael King with gusto. The transformations between the possessed and real state are his best contribution to the character. He looks confused and helpless once the infestation starts and the feeling of the character are wonderfully brought out by him. Ella Anderson as his kid daughter has some worthy scenes including one where she narrates a nightmare to her father letting him know that the monster in her dream is none other than her father himself. None of the other characters have much of a say in this narrative as most of the film involves them getting killed and Michael trying to figure out a way to save himself all by his lonesome self. The visual effects are done well and at many junctures they contribute to the believability of the plot. The team does well not to go overboard with the execution of the effects and that is another plus.

Overall, The Possession Of Michael King had a lot of potential and it was able to live up to those potential for a while but somewhere in the middle it loses its grasp and ends up being strictly average. It’s a pity that such a good concept goes for a toss just because of average execution and some poor writing.



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