urlIndiana Jones And The Last Crusade begins right at the beginning of it all. A young Indy is shown on a scouting trip with his mates where he finds a gang of thugs looting a catacomb for some buried archeological elements. He is able to successfully snatch the treasure from them and makes his way home to his father with the same but the baddies turn out to be much more influential than he knew and are able to snatch back the treasure from him. Indy takes it personally and is shown taking back the treasure many many years later as the Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) we know.

The story moves forward as he is contacted by a certain Walter Donovan (Julian Glover) who is after the elusive Holy Grail. Donovan informs Indy that his father prof. Henry Jones (Sean Connery) was Indiana-Jones-River-Phoenix_400leading the team which was gunning for the Grail but had gone missing in Venice. Now Indy is entrusted with the task of not only finding his father but also uncovering the secrets of Grail and make another sizable contribution to the Archeological treasures of the country. He is helped on the quest by a lovely lady by the name of Elsa (Alison Doody) who turns out be much more than what meets the eye as the story progresses.

Knight_graveIndiana Jones And The Last Crusade was slated to be the last film in the franchise and hence the director-producer duo Lucas and Spielberg put in their everything to make this one grand in every possible way. The only complain that I could think of was the absence of a really scary baddie which we have to agree has never been the case with the Indiana Jones films. These films are all about Indiana himself and never has he been threatened beyond a certain point as of now. In this film however, the tale brings him face to face with none other than the great Adolf Hitler. The whole Nazi army is also after him as they are led on by none other than Donovan himself as he believes that Jones is the only man who can reach the Grail and make way with it for them.

Jones is not alone either as this time around he has his father for company who for once knows about the subject much more than Jones himself. Henry indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusadehas been after the Grail for his whole life and finally his calculations and study seem to be bearing fruit. The chemistry between the father and the son is hilarious. They share the same comic timing which easily gets the better of all other characters and easily becomes the clay that binds the whole narrative together. The action is incessant and looks good. It’s very difficult to sustain the insane amount of action that this film has unless it is filmed in a way that is both beautiful and also absorbing. The action choreography in this case is exemplary complimented by the top notch editing. The viewer is always in the best position to enjoy the events unfolding on screen.

lsHarrison Ford sparkles in a role which he has made his own. The grin, the whiplash, the adventure and the thrills are all there and you can practically taste it through his performance. This time around you have the slightest bits of an Oedipus complex developing between him and his father when he realizes that the woman of his desire has also shared a bed with his father. Connery to this effect is magically comic without even uttering a single word. You have to see the scene to understand what I mean. Alison Doody as the fame fatal is top notch. She crawls through the catacombs with Indy just as comfortably as she breezes through her performance. Denholm Elliott as Broady is funny. This time around he has a rather fleshed out character.

Overall, the third installment of the trilogy is befitting enough for what the series started up to be. This will easily remain as one of the most popular, nerve-wracking and enjoyable trilogy of superhero films ever made and “The Last Crusade” will only contribute to add to the reverence for the trilogy.



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