Forget the plot! Forget Logic! Forget sensibility. Fasten your seat belts as the four Mutant Ninja Turtles take you on an action packed roller coaster ride of your lives. This isn’t the kind of film where you should be looking for logic or drama or sensibility. This is the kind where you kick back in your seats and let the action blow you away. If that’s all you are looking for, you are in for one hell of a treat with this film. The story for that matter is just an excuse to keep the adrenalin flowing. The rest is taken care of by the action directors and the visual effects supervisor.

The story or whatever you may call it involves a journalist April O’ Neil (Megan Fox) investigating a marauding gang of villains known as the Foot Clan led by the nefarious Shredder (Tohoru Masamune) As she tries to dig up the Foot Clantmnt-2014-trailer and bring them to light, she crosses path with four Mutated Ninja Turtle vigilantes who are doing all in their strength to safeguard the city. Digging deeper, she unravels facts which proves that the vigilantes owe their lives to one act of kindness from her part. She quickly unravels a plot which would not only threaten the city’s existence but also test the strength of the four turtle brother named after the Renaissance masters namely Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and Michelangelo.

10497899_253965451393892_4015109755060702615_oThe film literally hustles from one action set piece into another leaving the story to fill up the gap-times. The action is incessant but it is done so well and with such vigor that it never gets overwhelming. Each of the sequences are beautifully done with a lot of magic in the movement of the four brothers as they go about baddie-bashing. I loved the action sequence inside the gutters where the four brothers face the Shredder for the first time. The subsequent quarter of the film is spent in chase sequences and fights leading up to the finale where the four brothers face the almost invincible shredder.

The visual effects are rendered in trademark Michael bay style leaving absolutely no room for any complains. The turtles are endearing and the fact that each one of them has a separateteenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-movie-trailer-2014-michelangelo-no-mask-master-splinter-revealed-in-first-tv-spot-for-teenage-mutant-ninja-tur identity and characteristics is portrayed not only in their appearances but also in their mannerism. If one looks carefully at the way they dress up and are rendered, one could see a faint glimpse of an African-American influence in their lingo and mannerism which I found very cute. Even the background score is made in a way which perfectly syncs with their attitudes.

There is no point in getting into characters and all as far as this film is concerned. This is one of those pictures which serves as guilty pleasures. We watch it without putting in any brains, we enjoy it and we forget it. This is not health food but extremely tasty junk food which will only raise your calories and might spoil that perfect physic. You know it’s bad and yet you can’t help but enjoy it. So love it or hate it…you might as well enjoy it!



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