million_ways_to_die_in_the_west_ver11A Million Ways To Die In The West may be just another run for the mills comedy but it is surely a very good one at that. What I found most endearing about it was its quirky sense of humor, its simplistic treatment of the subject matter and its wonderful execution of it all. It’s hardly surprising to find the finished product that this film is to be entertaining, coming from the man who brought us Ted. Even though I have to admit that it is unable to replicate the genius of Ted, but the film for most of the part keeps you entertained and laughing. What more could you ask for from a film of this type.

The film starts off by introducing us to the wild west and that’s not done in a good way. We are quickly then introduced to the protagonist, a sheepish Albert (Seth MacFarlane), who incidentally also happens to be a sheep farmer. He is facing a duel to death with a man who farm was raided by his sheep and who now wants A-Million-Ways-To-Die-In-The-West-Movieretribution. Albert shows a sense of humor but a total lack of courage to face the man and ends up losing that one girl whome he loves the most. Louise (Amanda Seyfried). Frustrated by Albert’s cowardice and her own high-ended-ness, she dumps him and Albert is left destroyed not knowing what to do to cheer himself up.

20823568_a-million-ways-to-die-in-the-west-stars-1280His longtime buddy Edward(Giovanni Ribisi) tries to cheer him up and bring him back to life and asks him to come visit the town where he meet the mysterious Anna(Charlize Theron). Albert for once gels with someone in a way that he had never gelled before. Anna too responds to his feelings and the two hook-up for some much needed retribution from Louise. All seems perfect but there is one little problem. Anna is the wife of a notorious gunslinger named Clinch (Liam Neeson) who so happens to just walk back into town to find someone hitting on his wife. Edward now must find that courage which he never had to hold on to that one thing that he loves the most now in the world.

The film is peppered with scenes of extreme humor like the scenes where we are introduced to Edward’s girlfriend Ruth who happens to be whore in the local whorehouse. Edward is surprisingly a-million-ways-to-die-in-the-west-sarah-silverman-giovanni-ribisicool about her business endeavor and his reactions to questions thrown at him about the topic really generate some laughs. Albert’s alterations with his parents who seem to be always sitting in the same place are another laughable situation. Once Albert strikes up a friendship with Anna, their discussions quickly start becoming funnier. However, the film doesn’t have anything novel to offer in terms of either humor or story. It is a narrative which we have seen a million times which has been done well to merit a view.

a-million-ways-to-die-in-the-west-liam-neesonThe film also boasts of some endearing performances which further increases its watchablity. Seth MacFarlane is awesome. His comic timing with Giovanni Ribisi is impeccable and it is their sheer brilliance in a number of scenes which will make you laugh. Charlize Theron is a superlative actress and for her to essay a role which has been given to her is a walk in the park. She does complete justice to her part. Liam Neeson has what can be called an extended cameo and he brings his trademark style to it. He is enjoyable.

While the plot derives its material from any number of Western films, everything that occurs on screen is through the filter of MacFarlane’s unique sense of humor. He is someone who has the uncanny ability to write unique and contemporary humor poking fun at genre tropes while also paying homage to the classics. A Million Ways To Die in the West offers plenty to laugh at, including a hilarious song and dance number about men’s facial hair, and an absurd variety of comedic death sequences. Yes you read it right, “comedic death sequences”. If you are willing to wade through any number of toilet humor, jokes on homosexuals, semen and sex workers, this could just turn out to be an enjoyable experience for you.


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