Seldom do we have a scenario in which a remake overtakes its original in terms of both quality and content. The Departed is one of those rare examples where in spite of being an almost scene per scene remake of Infernal Affairs, it still overtakes its predecessor by miles. The film takes a fresh approach to the story and treatment and even though you will find almost every scene that is there in the original, it quickly creates an identity of its own. Like the original, the story revolves around two cops, Billy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) who joins the State Police service together. While Billy has a troubled past and life leading to a perfect cover which his superiors utilize to make him an undercover cop, Collin has been nurtured by a revered gangster Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) to be planted as a his mole in the STATIE.

The two officers are successful in achieving their target and end up on opposite sides of the law and each other. While Billy starts cracking up under pressure from both his employers and the one he has been hired to snitch on, Sullivan keeps departed-29finding it extremely difficult to save his own identity from his colleagues as well as control the man who controls him. The death of a senior officer of the department cracks the whole situation open, as both the moles realize that their identity and cover could be blown at any moment.

MV5BMTU0ODIxNjczMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTQ4NjY3._V1_SX640_SY720_Two boys from not so much different backgrounds growing up to become two such dissimilar identities is a treat to watch. I felt heartbroken and restless to see the way Billy’s life turns out. He has a rough deal all throughout and it is safe to say that by the time the film ends, he still ends up with nothing more than sufferings. DiCaprio plays a genuine soft-hearted person who is quickly consumed by his own murky past and is left with no option but to succumb to it. Matt Damon’s Collin on the other hand has it easy. He is depicted as a self-assured and brilliant man who is patronized by Costello from his childhood right till the time Costello starts cracking up himself. He has the best of property, luxury and the best girl by his side. However he has to throw it all away by the end primarily because of the choices he makes. By the time we reach the climax he is trying to grow a new leaf but his actions form the past come back to haunt him.

The screenplay by William Monahan adapted from the screenplay of Infernal Affairs packs a punch. There isn’t a single dull moment indeparted-27 the film. Each of the characters is beautifully fleshed out giving the viewer insight into the reasons for each of their actions. It does a wonderful work of tying up all the loose ends by the end making for an astonishing impact. There are traces of sly humor coming mostly from the character of Dignam (Mark Walberg) and Ellerby (Alec Baldwin). Their interactions are amusing. The initial interview at the STATIE of Billy by Dignam is absorbing and funny. That one scene practically lays out the whole film for you. As he is being interviewed, the director cuts in scenes showing how Collin is moving through his work at the same time frame giving the viewer a clear view of the difference in nature of the experience at the STATIE of the two men.

084600Like all Scorsese films, The Departed excels in the editing and the acting department. Leonardo DiCaprio just seems to reserve his best for this man while Matt Damon came up with one of the best performances of his career. However the prize is once again bagged by the supremely talented and immense likeable Jack Nicholson. His performance is the heart and soul of the film. He is ably supported by Ray Winstone who plays the character of Mr. French his chief accomplice. Vera Farmiga as the love interest of Collin doesn’t have much to do but in her scenes with DiCaprio she makes quite an impact.

The Departed is one of the most watchable and enjoyable films to have ever come out. The multiple Oscars that it scored is only to reiterate the fact that it is one of the most entertaining and absorbing films of the recent times. The plot twists and turns, the immaculate execution, the bravura performances only add to its charm and combine together to deliver lethal dose of entertainment. This is one film which can be watched and re-watched.


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