Bhushan Patel made a decent film in 1920 Evil Returns which was propelled by an interesting plot and some serious scares. He followed it up with Ragini MMS 2 which was an ordinary film but the Sunny Leone show pulled crowds by the hordes. But with alone he neither had a bankable story nor Bipasha has the pull of Sunny Leone which ultimately resulted in the film turning out into an absolute dud. If the story had a little to offer or else the scares were genuine or for that matter even remotely scary, the film could have had something to salvage but ultimately the film fizzled out like a can of cola without the fizz.

The story if you may call it so involves two con-joint sisters Anjana and Sanjana who are incidentally in love with the same Alone-Movie-Opening-Day-box-office-Collectiondude from their childhood Kabir (A beefy Karan Singh Grover). The guy strangely enough loves only one of the two. How does that happen? They even share some intimate moments while one of the sister is asleep or at least pretending to be asleep. The story moves on and the two sisters grow up as does Kabir. An incident happens which forces the two sisters to have a surgery to part ways and end up with the boy of their dreams respectively which happens to be Kabir, but one of the sisters dies in the process leaving the other to deal with her ghost who wants to have the man of her dreams all by herself.

Alone-Movie-Review-Cast-Songs-Poster-Released-Date-Trailer-WikiRidiculous as it sounds, the story reaches a level of stupidity which is difficult to reach. Horror works only when the happenings are not funny. Here scene after scene the audience is bombarded with sequences which are more laughable than remotely scary. Bipasha who is now the Bollywood Queen of cheap horror, tries everything that she can to breathe some life into the film. Unfortunately not even her explosive sensuality is enough to keep the audiences hooked. She shares practically no chemistry with Karan and the scenes that unfold after the “sex starved” spirit of Anjana takes over Sanjana, even though sensual, will raise questions on the utter lack of sexual pleasures in the afterlife which has driven a spirit crazy enough to jump into the bed with the man in the very next scene to when she took possession of her sister’s body.

Karan is terminally confused all the way through and he hardly has the range of expressions that are needed in a role that he 368portrays. He doesn’t bat an eyelid in many scenes which needed him to be hysteric. Towards the he gives a feel as if he just wants the film to end and be relieved of the pain that has been incurred on him by even asking him to act. Bipasha has also lost a lot of Raaz mojo and seems lost in every scene except the sensual ones where she is again done in by a cardboard Karan Singh Grover. The films music is a bit of a saving grace. When the songs are on, the attentions are drawn away from the flaws that too only till the time that the songs last.

Overall, Alone is a film which should not have been made. This might just further jeopardize an already floundering career of Bipasha and will hardly serve as a launch vehicle for the man Karan. It is one of the most cliché and flawed execution of the genre in recent times. The concept could have been properly researched and presented with at least a whisker of believability if at all they wanted to make this film. But sadly that is not done and the result is a disaster. Leave “Alone” alone.


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