A few years back I had reviewed a film called “Ko” starring Jeeva. A political thriller, “Ko” was as much entertaining as it was breezy. The film was characterized by good acting, decent thrills, nice chemistry and a whirlwind speed. Hell it even extracted some genuine emotions form its audience. Years later I just finished watching Kanamachi, a film directed by Raj Chakraborty and I feel as if I had watched Ko in Bengali. Raj Chakraborty is a man who is known for making southie remakes in Bengal and is getting pretty good at it. If Kanamachi is any indication he not only copying the stories but is also bringing in their style and vigor to the Bengali masses giving them fast paced entertainers which the Bengali film industry is not actually known for.

The story is a copy paste job done on Ko with the protagonist Abir(Ankush Hazra) essaying a News photographer who becomes instrumental inju41L catapulting a man Abhimanyu(Abir Chatterjee) from being a student leader to becoming the chief minister of the state. In the process of doing it, he also falls in love with a co-worker and breaks the heart of another co-worker which leads to some drama and interesting situations. By the time the story gets back on track, Abhimanyu becomes the chief minister and within moments of him taking the position of power, Abir realizes that he may not just be the man he had pretended so long to be. He now must dig deeper to find out the real Abhimanyu and bring him to the fore. The situation gets worse when he loses a dear friend in an unfortunate incident.

Mon Bawre - KanamachiKanamachi is just as entertaining as Ko. For all those who have not seen Ko, which I believe constitutes a big chunk of the Bengali viewers, the film will appear super entertaining. The story doesn’t give away its core right till the very end when the cards start falling in the right places. The characters which are established in the film start falling apart quickly leading to some interesting moments and that happens at such a whirlwind pace that you are bound to feel out of breath. Apart from the basic premise the film has certain subplots involving mostly two seasoned actors in Rajatava Dutta as Chief Minister Surojit Sarkar and Supriyo Datta as Tarakeshwar Dutta which are bound to extract some genuine laughs.

Abir and Ankush work up a decent chemistry between them towards the end which really propels the film. The action sequence towards the end is Screenshot-02wonderfully filmed. The ballistic nature of the action using slow mo to great effect reminded me of the old John Woo classics like Hard Target. The southie style of action is effectively duplicated here extracting a lot of “wow” moments which really serves the film well. The director does well not to overdo the thing and holds back the action for the climax. Srabanti Chatterjee is eye candy and she does well at being that.

maxresdefaultOverall, Kanamachi is entertaining and I believe that’s what the audience wants from a film like this. It doesn’t try to be anything else more than the entertainer that it is and that really goes on to help the treatment of the film. Raj Chakraborty has done well to adapt the style of south and applied it perfectly to a film which is Bengali at heart and Tamil in action. Mind It!…


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