BIG HERO 6(2014) [3D]


Off all the animated films that I saw last year and trust me I saw many, Big Hero 6 is the first and probably the only one of the only two which harped on my heart. A story well told with a lot of action and heart and above all some serious swagger. The initial promos made it clear that this was going to be genuine fun but I never expected it to be as good as it turned out to be. While How To Train Your Dragon 2 was just about a whisker away from this one, Big Hero 6 works wonderfully because of the humanity and emotions that has been inculcated into its narrative.

The story revolves around Hiro (Ryan Potter) is a genius at robotics but he channels his energies on bot-boxing. His elder brother Tadashi (Daniel japanese-teaser-trailer-big-hero-6-tadashi1Henney) in a pursuit of guiding him in the right direction introduces him to their research lab. In here Hiro meets Professor Callaghan (James Cromwell) who inspires him to create a tech that would stand out in the next science expo and win him a place in their research lab. Hiro is hooked. It is also here where Hiro is introduced by Tadashi to his team of fellow researchers and his ultimate creation, Baymax (Scott Adsit) a healthcare assistant. Hiro creates a revolutionary tech in microbots for presenting in the science Expo and wins over a ticket to the research lab that his brother is a part of. His tech also comes to the attention of a powerful industrialist.

big-hero-6-villainEverything is fine and it is just now that disaster strikes and Tadashi and Professor Callaghan die in a freak accident in the expo. Hiro loses his interest in life and science. However, Baymax who is Tadashi’s lone surviving gift for his brother makes an appearance and tries to bring him back to his life. This is also the time when a new super villain, wearing a Kabuki Mask arrives in town, possessing the same tech that Hiro had designed for the expo. Who is this man? How does he have Hiro’s tech and what can Hiro do to stop him? These are some of the questions that drive the narrative for the film.

The film starts off with a delightful little sequence which not only sets about the proceedings but also big-hero-sixconveys the mood and feel of the film. Even though this is a funny film with loads of eye candy, there are some genuine sad moments which truly go on to enhance the feel and grasp of the narrative. When Tadashi dies, I couldn’t help but go…OHHHH! and believed for a greater part that he might as well come back, but that doesn’t happen. Baymax in some key sequences reveals the need of people to crave for love and comfort and he does well to compensate for it which the character of Hiro responds to with delicate care.

BigHero6(4)The film also emphasizes on the importance of friends and groups and it just goes on to show that Disney still stands for the same things that it had started with. The film is rich in content and has flare for presentation. Every frame is dripping wet with digital finesse and the thoughtful care that has gone into making the film look the way it turns out to be. The action sequences are superbly done. The first fight with the man in the Kabuki Mask and the climax are the top of the lot. There is a chase sequence somewhere in the middle of the narrative which is terrific too. The sequence has its share of jokes as the driver constantly keeps following the traffic rules even at a juncture when he is under extreme threat.

The voice talents are superb as usual. It would be wrong to point out a single one of them and I wouldn’t do any such thing. The music, especially big_hero_6_movie_poster_2014_hd_wallpaperduring the action sequences reaches an accenture and contributes to the overall feel of the sequence. The editing once again is flawless. One has to give special mention of it during the action sequence which is presented in way that you are in the best possible seat to enjoy what is unfolding. Overall, Big Hero 6 is a wonderful watch. It could very well be the best animated film of 2014 to come out of Hollywood. Wait till the end credits roll to meet a very special character in the film who I believe will have a lot more to add to in the next few films of this series if they choose to make them.



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